What Alcohol/Liquor Makes you Horny?

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Different types of Alcohol/Liquors get me turned on. What kind Turn You On?
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Vodka martini.
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  • Freckles:Time For Your Check Up answered 5 years ago
    I'm not picky ;)
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  • RobIV answered 5 years ago
    the company I am drinking with usually has a bigger effect than the type of drink....at least for me...
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  • Jacie Leah answered 5 years ago
    wow!!! interesting question....well i know that drinking in general can cause you to get sexually aroused. liquor can intensify that, also. But remember your judgment is also impaired, so you need to use caution....
    personally liquor is more effective on me, at least...
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  • don answered 5 years ago
    I think it's Tequila


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  • z6x643 answered 5 years ago
    Vodka, and gin
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