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who knows about x-men evolution?

i use to watch the real x-men when i was younger i always thought x-men evolution was stupid so i never had an interest in it. Today however i woke up early and didn't have anything to watch so i stumbled upon it and got interested but i noticed gambit and colossus were aligned with magneto in a group they call the acolytes. Why??? i thought gambit and colossus were good

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    They are with Magneto to find a better life and get away from there past. For interest Gambit is there becuz of family problems with the Guilds and Colossus is there becuz his family in Russia are struggling. But In the very end of the episode They go to the X-Men.

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    Evolution and Wolerine & Xmen at the instant are not related. Im valuable that whoever drew Evolution additionally drew the recent sequence because of the fact the characters seem very comparable. Xmen Evolution is virtually a dirrerent version of xmen cuz theyre sent to intense college and characters like Cyclops and Jean are youthful than like Wolverine and hurricane. The thoughts werent that undesirable yet i did not like the variations.

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