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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicOther - Music · 1 decade ago

2010 reading festival?

just bought my tickets for next year and it is my first time ever (I have been to concerts and day festivals but never camping ones) can anyone reccommend anything to do or see or any tips that might be useful.

also could anyone take a gander at who might play because I've heard rumours of blink 182 and strokes thanks.

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    I just wrote a hench answer and then closed the page without publishing it, clever! Anyway ..

    Firstly, take a fair amount of money cos the food/drink/whatever else is quite expensive and one gets thirsty with all the walking around of the site because it is very large not to mention jumping around while watching bands etc. Carry a little over the shoulder bag which has a long strap so you can keep essential valuables and whatever else on you(haven't checked if you're a girl or not so if you're a guy, i;m sure you can just shove wahtever you need in your pockets?). Take hand sanitizer or tissues in case the toilet staff run out, you'll probably need them anyway. The toilets at the campsites are disgusting, literally, but the toilets in the arena are nicer so try to hold it in until you get in the arena. Clothing wise, just wear whatever you want really. People are mostly dressed either in something wacky, something with a sort of 'meh' vibe or dressed trying to be a festival style icon - just bear in mind when getting dressed that clothes will get sweaty(other people's if not your own), beer which people throw around in the crowds or when getting pissed at campsite, and dusty(especially at main stage) and maybe ripped. It's safe to wear wellies on all days, you won't be alone, trust me - i'd say 70% wore wellies this year. It gets very cold at night/early morning so take hoodies etc. Take some pro plus or some sort of energy stuff cos it's virtually impossible to sleep cos it's noisy all hours. Beware of sunday night, it gets crazy, fun, but crazy. Never go anywhere on your own (i'm saying this as a hypocrite but it is a bad idea though, someone went missing this year). Alcohol is not allowed in the arena but it is possible to sneak in, harder for guys though cos they get bodychecked whereas girls don't really. If you're going to see a band where the crowd go a bit mental e.g. prodigy, enter shikari then you might want to have a meeting place cos it's likely you will get split up. Prepare to get dirty, it's inevitable that you will - sweat, dust, alcohol etc. Best thing you can do is just enjoy yourself! As for the line up, i have no idea. Hope I have been of help :)

    EDIT: the silent disco is apparently really good but i didn't bother going

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    They realease extra for the period of the twelve months, up until August. those are the one hundred% shown artists for the main degree and then different bands who'll play in the tents make specific in spite of if or not they are enjoying or not. i'm keeping out for Julian Casablancas.

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