GUYS:What would make a girl unforgettable?

This question is for for guys in general,but ladies can also answer if they would like.What makes a girl unforgettable,what has a girl done for you to make her unforgettable,or what does a girl have/need to do to make her unforgettable?Please leave your age if you can and thanks :)


By "unforgettable" I mean that after months,weeks,days,or even years after seeing/talking to her,you remember her every now and then.In a GOOD way.

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    unusual physical features first - like I always have an image in my head of a girl with bright/pale GREY eyes who worked at my first job, she was a bit of a bi-polar simpleton but I must admit she was very good looking, eyes sealed the deal.

    Sense of humor after that - I meet a lot of girls (not bragging, I mean generally speaking - work in different big offices) who just aren't funny, they don't understand jokes (ye it could be me, but 90% of guys seem to respond) but a few really make me laugh. First most important thing is relaxing so if you feel like being a bit goofy/silly just do it - dont think you will drop your image or look stupid.

    So in terms of advice? for me personally (though I often have minority views) a nice dark hair coloring and a sense of humor will make you stick in my head - dont force humor, just relax with it a bit more - I say that because I don't want you to think you need to write down 100 jokes :)

    edit: im 25 near 26

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    Unforgettable Woman

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    The girl I never forget is the one's who I've gone out with for the longest because we get on so well (we'll still going out by the way).

    I guess the reason our relationship is lasting so long (over a year and a bit now) is because we get on so well and hardly ever get into serious arguments.

    I'd advise the two of you to NOT always be around each other 24/7 as this will only make seeing each other less special and you'll both start getting irritated. and to ask the guy what he likes and see what things relate to what you like. e.g. if you both like horrors go and see final destination!

    The unforgettable girl is the one that you always want to be with because of how well you get on with her. Hopefully this has helped.

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    You can't just become unforgettable to anyone. You will be unforgettable to the person who does like you but in order for that to happen, you have to be what you naturally are. Even if you could control who pines for you for years, what works for one person probably won't work for you because everyone is different and everyone likes different things. Relax and be yourself. That's the big secret. Pass it on.

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    A woman who is confident enough (regardless of her "looks") in herself to not feel she has to flaunt what she has is very unforgettable (dressing modestly and creating a sense of mystery). If that is combined that with class (politeness, friendliness, tact, lets me take the initiative, etc.) and a great smile, she'll be on my mind for months to come. I'm 34 years old.

    As you get to be older, you see the beauty (both internally and externally) of the female part of our species in every lady, regardless of her size, shape or height. I find every woman I run into to be a real beauty. It really hurts when I see a woman thinking she's got to "show it off" to get a man's attention. But again, if a lady is like what I described in the above paragraph, she's got me hooked.

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    If you're meant to be Unforgettable, you will be.

    Now, it all depends on the guy too, he might be a jackass, or he might really like you and always remember you in a sweet kind of way.

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    i'm 22 and the most unforgettable girl i ever met was unforgettable because she wasn't possessive. i mean she like being together, but didn't expect me to spend every spare moment with her and insist that i abandon all other friends just to be with her.

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    well, for me, my first love was unforgetable, 4 years have passed and she hasn't fadded away in the slightest bit.

    and as to what a girl needs to do to be unforgettable, for me, it would be a long, lasting, working relationship.

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    In the street - eyes, eyes, eyes. Other physical attributes (cough) may be more memorable in the short term, but a set of beautiful eyes can't be beat. On girls I know, humour, originality engaging oddities are most memorable.

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    iam 26 and its little things like laughter play wrestling the obvious in the bed room the way she might cook its alot i remember every girl good or bad only because at one point they were a part of me

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