Did you enjoy your conservative indoctrination by President George HW Bush?

If you were of school age in 1991, like myself, you were likely forced to sit through an attempted conservative indoctrination by President George HW Bush:

"The remarks are intended to encourage children to study, in the same way President George H W Bush did in 1991. when he gave a back-to-school address, said Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for Obama."

Has this event had an adverse effect on your life? Are you a Conservative, but can't figure out why? Or were you just happy that you got spend an hour or so not doing school work?


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    Neither Bush was very conservative. Drink some more kool-aid and go watch Jon Stewart, Keith Oberman and Rachael Maddow to find out what you need to be thinking today.

  • Bryan
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    1 decade ago

    George Bush did not instruct his education department to send out curriculum for after the speech with questions like "What can you do to help President Obama". Nice try, but it is not the same thing. The speech may contain much of the same type of content, but it is the addition of specific agenda directed curriculum which makes this highly suspect.

    justagrandma: First I agree that NCLB was disastrous policy. However if you think this is just the result of Bush policy and not actually a bipartisan effort you are deluding yourself.

    Vote Totals:

    House 381-41

    Senate 87-10

    Some Notable Democrats Supporters

    Ted Kennedy

    Hillary Clinton

    Chris Dodd

    Tom Harkin

    Joe Leiberman - still a Democrat at the time.

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    This whole thing is being blown out of proportion. When presidents visited or spoke at schools in the past, it was no big deal. Nobody cried indoctrination after 9-11. This can be handled so well and truly educate our children about civics. Something many of their parents need a lesson in badly. For example, what does it say to your child when your parent goes to a rally with the "Do Not Tread On Me" flag, also known as the Gadsden. A purely American Revolutionary symbol? Or the Culpepper flag? It is an ignorant insult to twist these symbols of our nations history for GOP hate. This is the group who is protesting President Obama speaking to children about the importance of education. Really? You guys want to make this an issue? Many of these children do not even know the pledge. The stuff coming out of the mouths of people like Palin, Cheney, Hannity, Limbaugh is vile, and anti American. People talking on the streets about another revolution? It is pathetic. Almost as sad as President G.W. Bush sitting in a classroom holding a book upside down while planes hit our towers. Think about it. I want my children to continue to receive lessons in decision making and civics.

  • justa
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    1 decade ago

    I think that its entirely possible that the entire Republican party has been hijacked by morons.

    I really can't believe they are keeping their kids home so they don't hear a President of the United State tell them to stay in school and work hard, this is just one more blatant attempt at acting like Obama isn't President. I may have been bored to tears by Bush, and frustrated at his lack of ability to run a cohesive government, but I never thought what he had to say was something to run from. Ignore maybe, but not get terrified of.

    Bush remade the entire nations school system with NCLB. A tremendous intrusion into the school systems all over, now we all teach to the test instead of addressing the needs of the students. And it was never funded so that local taxpayers faced huge increases in property taxes to pay for it.

    I'd much rather he had kept to a speech with a suggested lesson plan, much, much, cheaper.

    And Bush addressed the nations children by satelite in 91, not just one school, in fact he many times went to different schools and gave speeches.

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  • Actually, I was in Northern Virginia and was a mother at that time. The speech was not shown in Virginia schools because Democrats didn't want their children indoctrinated. They are treating this Obama attempt at indoctrination the same way. It's not being shown and THAT is the right decision.

    What's your point, anyway? I don't think politicians should indoctrinate our children. Any politicians.

    I also don't think that because one president or one administration does something -- it's a free pass for another one to do the same thing.

    Why does Obama keep wanting to recreate every mistake either Bush 1, Bush 2, Carter or Clinton ever made? What's up with that? Learn from history, man.

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    Big difference. As the article said Bush addressed Deal Junior high School. Obama is going to speak to all the Elementary students of the United States. One school Vs the US School system. I would call that a big difference. Next time try reading the article before you post.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ya well Bush's speech didn't come with pre planned lessons included that basically forced kids to pick sides either. Your trying to stir a pot of fish that doesn't exist except in your ownmindd that is. Your shape shifting tactics are no longer effective time to try some other back handed means of twisting the truth just as you on the left always do. Is ok we are fast learners . We will catch you in the act once again no worries there.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    This is obviously wither a political poll question or ment to piss off everyone on yahoo. No, I think he's the worst Republican president... he destroyed our economy and forced us into a never ending war!

  • Anonymous
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    I was in the 8th grade at that time. I grew up in a very small, conservative town. Seemed normal at the time. Didn't scar me for life

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wasn't in school when that took place, was actually fighting for this wonderful country the Dems are trying to destroy.

    Read the questions and speech of both Presidents, then compare/contrast.

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