Can I use two Dsl modems with single hub?

I want to use two dsl modems with single hub. If one dsl become down the other supports the whole network. Is it possible?

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    yes,, but u need to route the INTERNET.....

    example... 2 adsl modem are connected to internet with separate dsl line... all u need a pc with 3 NIC cards and 10gb IDE harddisk.

    Download the free router ISO from burn to cd and install it and u can configure the lan-1 to adsl-1, lan2 to adsl-2 and lan3 will be connected to HUB/Switch. u can configure ur pc with static or DHCP (but shcp should be enabled to lan-3)

    lan3 can connect to Internet by lan-1 if the pppoe is down it will use lan-2.

    santosh kumar


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    The answer will most probably be no. Strictly one modem per line.

    Unless, of course, you have separate dsl lines and a complex hub network. But most definitely not 2 dsl lines to a single hub. Not quite sure, though.

    Any cisco-trained fellows out there?

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    Not sure about your configuration, are both dsl modems live? I would say that you can't do it with just a hub, but if you bought a router that you could configure or a little firewall that you could set up a fail over dsl connection (like a watchguard firebox 55e) and provide some extra protection while you are at it.

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    You cannot do it exactly as you specify.

    First you need 2 DSL feeds on 2 different phone lines. It is likely that if one DSL feed to your house fails, the other one will as well so I am unsure redundancy will have been assured. However, if you have one DSL and one CATV (cable) feed, you are less likely to have both fail at the same time.

    Secondly, you need a router with two WAN ports. Each feed has its own WAN port. These routers are more complex and costly. They can be configured to continually check for Internet connectivity and transfer over to the alternate WAN port in the event of failure. Load balancing is also desired but not available on all dual WAN routers - so you need to shop carefully. Even if load balance is available, you must properly configure the unit for load balance. Many who use one DSL and one CATV feed use CATV as primary (as it is faster) and DSL as back up in event of CATV failure and don't attempt load balance.

    Be prepared to spend over $800 for a dual WAN gateway router. They are rugged, reliable, and industrial grade. They are not home grade and not priced like home grade.

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  • 3 years ago

    sure you are able to.. however the value will somewhat be devide into how many desktops you got.. and you will % a server computing gadget for this.. to regulate your community.. coz hub dont softwares to regulate it.. it doesnt remember in case you purely have been given a million ip.. or your utilising dynamic ip.. that's the objective of your server.. to grant community ip on your community

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