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can male insects get pragnent?

how is insect babby formed?

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    Male insects cannot get pregnant or produce young (other than by fertilising the eggs of a female).

    All insects (as far as I am aware) have separate male and female sexes - hermaphrodite insect species are not known to occur although there are hermaphrodites in other invertebrate groups.

    Typically insect reproduction involves the male fertilising the female which then lays the eggs that hatch out to become the next generation. There are, however, many examples where female insects can lay eggs that will hatch WITHOUT being fertilised by a male. This is known as parthenogenesis;


    There are also a few species of insect that 'give birth' to live young instead of laying eggs - aphids are the best example of this, with females producing live young without needing to be fertilised (a form of parthenogenesis;



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    No, male insect can not get "Pragnent"

    Firstly, the first reason, is there is no such thing as "Pragnent"

    and secondly there are no insect "Babby" not even babies

    Insects babies, just magically appear out of nowhere, up your nose, between your bum and other of such places.

    Source(s): www.wikipedia.en.org/aetgz?43tsdoh&steks?awetwet
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    depends on the insect. some lay eggs, some are born live. i havent heard of a male insect being able to get pregnant. some insects are transvestites, so they have both male and female parts. not sure if that counts lol. i know theres a sea horse....i THINK its called a sea dragon where the males give birth.

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    I was under the impression that insects don't gestate their young. If I'm correct, then technically neither gender gets "pregnant", eggs are only fertilized. Which gender protects the eggs, if either does at all, depends on the species.

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