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Is it normal or "wrong" for teenagers to be moody?

lol that's sort of a twisted question-- don't get mad, just a question. I'm a teen myself.

I've heard that these development stages Teenagers go through is completely normal and natural. The hormones often get to us and, being in-between adults and children, we just want our own independence while questioning everything from self-esteem to relationships with others.

And then there's some arrogant people out there who come up and say random things like, "The things Teenagers go through and what they do are wrong."

Now, even I agree to a certain point where some teenagers get mad just to purposely cause destruction around them. And THAT is wrong. But allot of times it just happens and we can get a little moody with the wrong tone of voice, sometimes not on PURPOSE.

Why do some call it "wrong" when it's "natural" ?

Can we really control it?

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    It's as normal as normal gets. Adolescence is a VERY difficult and trying time...it's a mix of stress from school and parents and friendships and finding time to mix everything into their already busy schedule, it's mixed with fear, and pain, and changes, because puberty is the most awkward stage of adolescence any adolescent can go through, it's mixed with love and hate and...and did I mention stress? All this is A LOT for a single teenager, and most teenager experience most of these things, so it gets to them, and it makes it difficult for them to control their emotions.

    Some teenagers are able to control their emotions, but most teenagers have difficulties, and have periodic mood changes, and sometimes have mood swings that can cause them to shout at their parents, and say some really nasty things that they probably shouldn't. It happens to the best of us. My sister, when she turned thirteen, and was already through her first period, and was already going through some whack bodily changes, she got so angry over SOMETHING very small, that she began yelling at everybody in the house. I've done it numerous times. When I was fourteen, I could not control my emotions if my life depended on it, and I would lash out at my father a lot. But, it's all a part of growing up, and most parents understand when they have kids that when their kids are teenagers, they're going to be faced with things like these. They're lucky as all hell if they don't.

    Hope this was helpful.

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    Haha it is natural!

    You can control it, but everyone gets emotional. Some more than others.

    That's a part of being a teenager.

    Adults see the things we're going through and sometimes in attempts to make us feel better they want us to know its "No big deal" when in Teenagerland, it is!

    I don't think anything is wrong with being moody as long as you don't start being disrespectful or mean or rude or something.

    Teenage moods are no excuse to lash out irrationally!

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    it definitely is not wrong to be moody..sometimes u just wanna hav ur own space & freedom 2 do wat u want without be questioned or judged...its a normal thing...& btw even adults go through the same moody phases... i'm 21 & even i go thorugh the same things like u...so i won't say that being moody is wrong (duh..u cant be happy or in a good mood all the time)...but its what u do when u r moody that makes it right or wrong i guess...like whether u hurt others or not or cause damage...different people have different ways of handling their moodiness...so it depends on the individual..

    anyways dont worry...its not u alone...there r many ppl who go thru the same thing including me...its a natural process...just dont let it get out of control.

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    1 decade ago

    no its completely normal and nothing else. teenagers go through hormonal stages which is why [SOME] teenagers get moody. its nothing to worry about and its normal.

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    no it is not at all wrong but very normal for them to be moody! in fact if they did not get moody at times then i would worry about my teen

    Source(s): any books you read about teens and puberty !!!
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    It just happens ..u can try to control it,but doesn't always work.I have teen gilrs n know from my own experience.Excercise,rest,water n chocolate help some.Good Luck...

    Source(s): Have 2 teen girls..
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    very normal, however I've seen amazing stable teenagers who are in control of their emotions :)

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    yes you can just don't hold it in express it in some other way

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    its totally normal

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