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can i prepare a common database for a web-based system in php and a stand alone one in html?

I've got to prepare a online medical care system. It has to be web-based as well as stand-alone also. I am preparing the web-based system using PHP and stand alone one using HTML. There data-base has to be common. Is it possible to do so??

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    i suggest you, "Build.Your.Own.Database.Driven.Website.Using.PHP.&.MySQL.3rd.Edition" book from you can find your answer in this great and simple book.

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    I guess I'm mostly reiterating what others said above but maybe I can explain it in a more simple way.

    HTML invovles no functionality, it's not even an actual programing language it's just instructions to tell the browser how to display text.

    You can't access a database or provide anything dynamic with HTML by itself.

    It also makes not sense, why you would use a browser based solution for your stand alone solution. The only two reasons I can think of to require a seperate solution from the Web-based solution are to avoid requiring a web browser or the remove the need for an Internet Connection all altogether. Otherwise just have all users use the web-based option.

    If you need something that doesn't require a web browser then you'll have to find a none-webbase programing language like Visual Basic Or some variation of C and then link to the Database through some form of remote database connection like ODBC or ADO.

    If the requirement is that the user not need an internet connection things get far more complex. You couldn't possible keep the database synced with out a database connection from time to time. It might be possible ( but take large amounts of storage) to create a program that syncs with the remote database when connected but cache's the data locally when there is no database available.

    The bottomline... at this point is sounds like you're way over your head. You either need to find someone who has good experince in application planning and development or you need to start learning it yourself. Get some books and start reading.

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    You can't do a database front end (the program that uses the database) in HTML, since HTML is content and you need program code to front end a database.

    If the database is common (IOW, a single database on a server that's accessed by the web server or the standalone programs) and the standalone programs are running in web browsers (they have to if they're written in HTML), you're gaining nothing - just use your PHP code to create the web pages that the "standalone" computers will see. Why write different code for some computers, when they can all use the same code. (If the "standalone" computers don't have access to the server the PHP code is running on, they don't have access to the database, so it won't work. If they have access to the database, they can just run the PHP code on the server.)

    I think you're confused about the difference between what a web browser does and what a standalone program does. (A standalone program would run if the computer were in another galaxy - it has everything it needs - including the database. If it's running the "common" database - the one on the server - it can also run the code on the server.

    If you really MUST make them not-web-browser programs, write them in anything that can use ADO to access the database. (Accessing a MySQL database in ADO is as easy as accessing an Access database in ADO. The connection string changes and there are a few trivial syntax differences, but the SQL in the PHP code and the SQL in the standalone can be identical. Write once, use many.)

    The database itself? ANY SQL database. MySQL is vigorous, solid and free, so why not use it?

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    no, html cannot be used to create a standalone database. what do you mean by stand alone... because in my mind a stand alone database is a spreadsheet as it is not relational to any other tables. u can always rite one in Mysql using php, and in a php page, right another one to view files on the internet..

    hope this helps

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    sorry buddy you seem to be confused to me.for developing a database you must use mysql as backend.the connectivity part of your php script and database will then be done through some commands.html just plays the role of designing.please refer w3schools for more info.

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    The only way to create a stand-alone database is to use stand-alone database software.

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    I have no idea how do you do database in HTML, it just boggles my mind. But if you're asking if you can use same database from two applications, the simple answer is - yes you can if you use a multiuser DBMS like MySQL or PostgreSQL or god knows what.

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