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favourite type of dancing and why?

favourite type of dancing and why???

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    I have four favorites:

    - Ballet - classical, graceful and beautiful. fun to do too.

    - Lyrical- like ballet but so much more emotional!

    - Jazz- really fun and lively

    - ballroom- whoo hoo! i love it

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    I love all forms of dance since it is an expression of our inner selves which can have many shades or even extremes. Out of the above, I'd choose salsa, ballroom, folk and bhangra. It can change with my mood. My other favorites are ballet, kathak, bharathnatyam and many forms of Indian dance. I think kuchipudi is one among them, I'm not sure. Its an expression of emotions so every form is extremely beautiful.

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    I like all types of dances. Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical. Jazz I have done for 4 years and skipped 2 levels and been accelerated for 2 years, because my mom did it when she was little and it is so moving and fun. I've done Hip Hop for 3 years, because one of my friends did it and wanted to try something new. Ballet 1 year, because I thought it was different then what I expected so I tried it and it makes you strong. Lyrical for 2 years, because it was something new something different. All of them are so fun and so different then one another. And the teachers are so fun, great, and supporting too.

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    Slow waltz, but like the professionals did before the 90's. Then it was a beautiful and romantic statement made by a couple. The pros now think it is jiust a stage performance.

    Source(s): Fred Astaire Professional from the 60's
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    My favorite type of dancing is TAP because you are able to please the audience with both looks and sounds. It takes a lot of skill, and much practice, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy to learn new steps. Ps: My name is Helen, too!

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    Y because i love to learn something new and being told what im doin wrong and such, and i love the technique and gracefullness of ballet

    im a beginner btw at grade 5-the uk, twickenham lol xxxx

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    Well I love all the kinds i do. Contemporary (Modern, lyrical) is the most beautiful to watch, I think. Ballet is really special to me, but I guess tap. It's so fun, and I love the music!

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    Acro. Because its fun and you get to do gymnastics and dance at the same time.

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    i like the technique, as i think its important, and i like how you get the normal ballet, then free movement and character. its like three types of dancing in one :)

    also, i looooove getting corrected. i don't know why; i just do.

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    My favorite is ballet because it is easy for me to do and FUN. I have a flexible body and am double jointed so yeah. Love you profile picture. :)

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