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Moll Flanders, an independent woman and strive for living. She can’t live a better off life in her marriage. Five times a wife can not have a stable life. Her husbands either go bankrupt or die prematurely and poverty is her best friend. She is neither as fortunate as her friend finds a rich captain nor like Defoe’s Roxana marry her rich landlord. She is persuaded by her faithful servant Amy to sacrifice of her virtue in return. Defoe’s independent protagonists sacrifice their virtue for a better life. Moll Flanders does not yield obedience lie with a man for bread at first, but she has no choice.

Womanliness is very important for woman in everywhere, a woman must possess such characters as sober, modest, virtuous, could she be deemed as a woman. She is a tom boy if she doesn’t possess any feminine and behave like a man. Such a woman will never exist in the society; she will suffer from humiliation and hostility from others. It is a custom that woman is feminine and man is masculine. Appearance is the most important femininity; it is a weapon for woman to find a husband. A maid will marry well if she is beautiful, even if she is poor. Moll Flanders marries to the Mayor’s son because of her beauty and her characters. Her perfectly disguise of an ideal woman also winning the approval of his parents and she has behaved better that they ever expected.

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    She cannot live better-off in her marriage life. 較好,應做修正。

    she is a tom boy if she doesn’t possess any feminine figure 即可,後面的and behave like a man,應予省略。因為tom boy 已充分說明男人婆的意思。

    Such a woman doomed to suffer from sympathy and hostility of others would naturally be out-staged of this society. 較你用了兩個will要理想些。

    It is a custom that woman is feminine and man is masculine 這是什麼邏輯?

    你應該這兒強調 誰叫這個社會男性一直是主宰者呢?女性又有何地位可言?

    It is kind of patriarchic custom that makes a woman nowhere to choose.

    She an ideal woman in disguise also wins …..較合適,況且perfectly 應改為perfect 而winning 不是動詞。

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    請勿介意我直言. 您恐怕需要找一位英文作文能力很強的人和您坐下來把這兩段文字仔細檢討一下. 您千萬不要洩氣, 但是需要修改的地方實在不少.

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