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is the Miami football team on probation or something?

I haven't heard their name called on any sport radio shows, well the national ones, anyways....they're not even a blimp on the radar


hahaha..my bad, you're right, I meant blip, not blimp....

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    Not that I know of. It happens though. Happened with Nebraska, Florida State, many others. Dominant football teams eventually become average.

    By the way, it's "blip", not blimp. A "blimp" on the radar would take up the whole radar, or in other words, be all the sports shows talked about (a.k.a. Brett Favre).

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    That can happen? I know the season just started but if their effin with my canes then its gonna be war from the true fans.

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    well like 90 percent of their players have been to jail before

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