what are some famous people either from or accociated with nicaragua?

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    Violeta Chamorro - first women elected president in Latin America

    Ruben Dario - Poet

    Bianca Jagger - Socialite, former wife of singer Mick Jagger

    Daniel Ortega - current president; leader of Sandanista movement

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    Vicente Padilla - beisbol

    Ruben Dario - poet

    Alexis Arguello - light weight boxing champion turned mayor of Managua but now deceased. Many believe that Sandinistas (Daniel Ortega) killed him.

    Barbara Carrera - 70's actress

    Bianca Jaegger - Mick Jaegger's ex-wife

    Dennis Martinez - pitcher for Baltimore Oriole player

    Sergio Ramírez Mercado - writer

    Herty Lewites - politician

    Ernesto Cardenal (Catholic priest, liberation theologian, culture minister and poet)

    Erick Blandon (Poet)

    Yaoska Tijerino (Poet)

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    Born in Nicaragua:

    1.-Rubén Darío: The father of the Modernism. It was one of the best poets in Latin America.

    2.-Augusto C. Sandino: Leader of the Guerrillas who fought to the U.S. Marines during the Nicaraguan War of 1925.

    3.-Anastasio Somoza García: Nicaraguan Dicator during the period 1934-1956.

    4.-Anastasio Somoza Debayle: Son of A.S.G.; dicator during 1956-1979.

    5.-Daniel Ortega Saavedra: Current president of Nicaragua. Leader of the Sandinista Front of National Liberation during the Nicaraguan Civil War of the 1979-1989.

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    Ricardo Mayorga (Boxing World Champion)

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