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Has anybody seen the Obama "I Pledge" video.....celebrities "pledge to be a servant to our president"?

The video starts out nice enough:

I pledge to help homeless people, less fortunate, etc.

But then at the VEEERY end, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore say in unison "I pledge to be a servant to our president and all man kind...." (then it pans out to show all the celebrities that have been in the video)"...because together we can, together we are, and together we will be the change that we seek" [Very creepy and drone-esque)

The video then ends with a picture of Obama above the words "Be the Change".

If this isn't propaganda, what the hell is it??


boomer........."I serve the Constitution, and the Government serves me."


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    I have seen it.

    Instead of "I Pledge allegiance to the flag and to the republic for which it stands..."

    people pledging to Obama and his agenda.

    The end of Democracy will not be with a bang but to rousing applause from the masses....

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  • Vixen
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    1 decade ago

    "I pledge allegiance to the Funk, of the United Funk of Funkadelica."

    Would somebody please explain that one?!

    I really like that thing about not "giving the finger" while we're driving, or not flushing the toilet with Number 1--only flush after Number 2...

    WHAT??? I am so glad my kids will never step foot in a public school where they play crap (that is, number 2) such as this. Even if I agreed with the message, which I do not, it's just so sappy and totally dumb. Pardon me while I puke. I don't watch movies (I'm a bookworm) but if I did, I'd quit!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've seen it.

    Yes, quite a lot of it is very nice in theory. But there are a few lines that are creepy.

    What I don't understand is how you can pledge to your president. I mean, yes, pledge to your country. You're serving your country. A president is a temporary, political figure. I'd no more pledge to Obama than to Bush or Reagan or Clinton. It's a stupid thing to pledge.

    And if they really cared about this, why haven't they done it already? Just saying. I mean, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher could fund quite a lot of folks' health care costs...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This guy makes me sick! Pledge to be a SERVANT to him!? Who is the guy??? He should be a servant to us! He works for us! WE THE PEOPLE! These hollywood idiots are completely stupid. And that video is creepy. (especially the end) I pledge to NEVER pledge to serve anyone! I pledge my alligiance to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! No one should ever pledge to serve our new dictator. Wake up America! We must join together!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I pledge to enforce the Constitution of the United States.

    Starting with the 10th Amendment. (It's around here, some place. Check under the sofa. Hope no one stole it.)

    I pledge to toss this crate of tea overboard.

    I pledge to help Hollywood by re-watching DVDs of Brazil, 1984, and THX 1138.

    I serve the Constitution, and the Government serves me.

    End of line.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hmm…so many mixed emotions about this video. “The voice that have no voice”…how about pledging to stop abortions then?

    And pledging to support BO? That just makes me feel so special. Where were you when Bush was president? You are so patriotic now, but what about then? It’s a good country when we have a democrat in office, but not a good country when we have a Republican. Good grief. I pledge to never watch Hollywood act like they care again. Ha Ha.

    And yeah, Jason Bateman…he cracks me up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    "I pledge to be a servant to our president and all man kind...."

    Wow, that's classic 'charismatic dictator' stuff. No, BHO is not, nor is he trying to become, a dicator (not anymore than GWBjr was, anyway). But, he does have the same kind of cult of personality that charismatic dictators cultivate as a power base.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh, you mean this?

    Youtube thumbnail

    It is not only propaganda but it was just plain creepy.

    I just love how they push DISGUSTING.

    Here is my pledge-

    I pledge ALLEGIANCE, to the flag, of the United States of America.

    And to the Republic, for which it stands.

    One nation. Under GOD.


    With liberty and justice for ALL.

    THAT is and always will be MY pledge. Demi and Ashton can stick their faux patriotism up their @sses because this is America, and we pledge to the flag, not some utopian ideals. And we do NOT pledge allegiance to ANY leader.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I serve God...not president Obama. Ummm isn't he suppose to be serving the American People? These Celebrities need to make their movies and shut the hel up!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is their opinion. Not propaganda. Notice the use of the words "and all mankind."

    They didn't mean to literally be a servant. They meant they pledge to help other people, which is what Obama asked of the country. You people that take issue with this are nuts.

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