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How well does the st.iva apricot scrub work for acne? plz answer 10 points!?

i just got it today and i was wondering how it works

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    First of all,facial scrub is used to exfoliate your skin gently and improves your skin complexion.For this,facial scrub are meant to reduce acne scars and not acne instead.If you still have acne,I wouldn't recommend you to use a facial scrub since it will make your skin worse by thinning out the protection layer that you have to prevent from more breakouts.What I'm trying to say is,use a gentle cleanser instead such as Neutrogena or Aveeno Wash to treat your acne.Once your acne subsided and you have acne scars left,that is when you use St. Ives Apricot Scrub.Hope I helped(:

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    1/ Never, ever touch your face.

    2/ Use 3 facecloths to wash your face, one to soap on, one to soap off with very hot water, one to rinse off with ice cold water, in that order, once a day.

    3/ If you are under 18 take 5,000 IU of vitamin A once a day with a full meal

    4/ If you are over 18 take 5,000 IU of vitamin A twice a day with a full meal.

    Do not get pregnant while taking vitamin A. Do not take any more, like Accutane, it will stop you growing.

    5/ Never, ever. pick, squeeze or pop your spot. Read number 1 again.

    6/ Do this for 90 days.

    7/ Invest in a brand new pillow and 2 new or more pillow cases to �double bag' your pillow. HOT wash every couple of days.


    A bit of advice given to me as a teenager, a bit of science as I am studying allergic reactions and vitamin A is a part of that. A bit of research: I sat in a lecture at the back and watched the acne prone pick at their faces, those with the worse acne touched their faces 32 times in an hour, the clearest complexions didn't touch their faces even once. I have circumstantial evidence that acne is the result of dermatophyte transfer from hands to face...where it does not get washed off and is well fed by hormones, sweat a

    nd oil...just a hypothesis... But it would explain why vitamin A is so effective as vitamin causes skin to remove dermatophytes.

    The secret is never to touch the spots

    Tips on how to treat acne and achieve perfect clear skin in as little as 7 days?

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    It is a wonderful exfoliant. Just don't rub it too hard as the shells in it can cause tearing on your face. I love the feeling of my face after using st. ive's apricot scrub!!!!

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    St Ives is rather sturdy in cleansing your face and exfolitiating your epidermis yet Im uncertain if that's going to help lots for clearing pimples. have you ever tried professional lively or attempt dabbing tea tree oil on the pimple 2 cases an afternoon when you cleanse your face. wish this helps.

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    don;t be too rough at first

    it is a little just go easy

    I know about apricot scrub but

    what is st iva?

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