R&P..FFAF Musical disappointments/letdowns?

I have a number of musical disappointments.

Let me tell you cause I like hearing myself speak...or type... whatever.

1. My grandest disappointment is the band Thrice...They had such a great sound with their first albums and they were up there to become one of my favorite Hardcore bands ever...then they went into experimental music and lost their edge...don't get me wrong they are very talented but still...why WHY!!

2. The band Taking Back Sunday had a great pop/punk, dual vocal thing going on for them and honestly they had my by the balls which their first two albums...now what they release some bullsh*t manufactured pop album...ARGH!

3. Mayday Parade...when I first heard them they were not famous..I heard their two previous bands and really dug their music. It's simple but packed with so much emotion it was impossible to not listen to and connect to it...now they cover Pussycat doll songs...enough said.

4. Papa Roach...one of the only real good nu metal bands that I found...now they are just a generic rock outfit trying to be so damn hardcore with make-up and Black clothes...JESUS!

In all honesty in my eyes only one band that I truly love has stayed consistent and that is my beloved Underoath...sure they had one minor hicup on the way with They're Only Chasing Safety...but boy do they still kick you in the teeth.

What are your musical disappointments.. I am sure you all have many, so please share :)




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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey FFAF! How are ya? Long time, no see! :)

    I'm still so damn disappointed that Chris Cornell collaborated with TIMBALAND of all people! Please go back to Soundgarden ASAP!

    FFAF!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing good! Just stressed out from all the schoolwork that I have to do! lol

  • 1 decade ago

    Henry Rollins worked less on music and started focusing more on television, comedy, acting, and stuff like that. He's still doing a great job. He's going to become a bew character on the second season of some show called "Sons of Anarchy" on the channel, FX, starting September 8th

    The other one would be AFI going from hardcore punk to (post-)hardcore. I still think they're pretty good at doing what they do now

  • 1 decade ago

    I wish I could my friend but I look at music from both sides good and bad and up and down. Every one tends to stray of the path that we like them to be on, but that is how they find themselves or just to see how far they can go in any given direction, but I find when they find their answers, they always come back to where they started. Don't give up hope.

    take care


  • 1 decade ago

    Alexsionfire not using screaming as much anymore on their latest album Old Crows/ Young Cardinals. here comes the TD for AOF

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All the Metallica albums after MOP.

    Dylan's last 5 albums.

    The Ex-Pistols.

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