Hello, would you mind telling me the meaning of the word wield ?

Also, can you give me one sentence please?

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    wield  /wild/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [weeld]

    –verb (used with object) 1. to exercise (power, authority, influence, etc.), as in ruling or dominating.

    2. to use (a weapon, instrument, etc.) effectively; handle or employ actively.

    3. Archaic. to guide or direct.

    4. Archaic. to govern; manage

    He could wield the sword with great dexterity.

    He wielded such power in the courtroom.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    * wield

    * Pronunciation: \ˈwēld\

    * Function: transitive verb

    * Etymology: Middle English welden to control, from Old English wieldan; akin to Old High German waltan to rule, Latin valēre to be strong, be worth

    * Date: before 12th century

    1 chiefly dialect : to deal successfully with : manage

    2 : to handle (as a tool) especially effectively <wield a broom>

    3 a : to exert one's authority by means of <wield influence> b : have at one's command or disposal <did not wield appropriate credentials — G. W. Bonham>

    — wield·er noun

    Source(s): dictionary
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