PLEASE HELP!!! I have paid my child support since before I was ordered to (200/month when I was an E1 making 11000/year), I even went as far as far as to voluntarily up my child support when I was making more. The only reason the court ever had to be brought in is because she was refusing to let me SEE MY CHILD! My son was product of a one night stand with a lesbian, who unknown to me desperately wanted a child, but I have never allowed anything come in the way of me being a good father and showing that precious boy that he has a daddy (and trust me she has really tried hard to keep him from loving me). NOW... I have returned home a disabled Navy veteran and was working a great job until the economy took a dive. I was laid off and the glitch in the system says that I must continue to pay TOP DOLLAR child support until the set court date and when I get there the courts attorney general here in Victoria, Texas treats me like a dog, worse than a dog! SHE VERBALLY BELITTLED ME! If I have no money, do I have no rights? Just because I have fallen on hard times am I a bad father? I DESPERATELY NEED HELP. I obtained council for visitation and had to borrow the money from my mother and father. (I wont be able to do that again.) I have extended standard visitation which gives me approx 48% of his time. I was not in arrears when I was laid off, but now I am up to my ears in debt! Is this the country that I broke my neck serving? I am trying to go to school to ensure a good future for myself, my son and any other children I plan on having, but they are taking my legs right out from under me with a 740/month payment!!! HOW CAN I POSSIBLY PAY THAT!!! I am a 24 year old disabled navy veteran, an amazing father, and a patriot with no money to stand up for my and my sons right and I am asking if there is anyone out there that has the legal knowledge and ability to help me in court, if there is someone out there that can help me fight for the right to live and be with my son. It seems like I am being classed up with every deadbeat dad out there and that is sooo far from who or what I am. Please, I am praying that someone out there is not going to allow this so happen just because I am the father and not the mother. Please, my son needs true representation and the A.G. is not giving it.

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    here are a few places to start:





    i do not know anything about these groups and i do not endorse any of them but it is a starting place for you.

    good luck and thank you for serving

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    Kyle, first of all I want to thank you for putting your life on the line to serve our country and protect our freedoms.

    In my opinion I think you can partially blame the media for the treatment you're getting. I've noticed in the media that dads who want to pay but can't afford to do so are lumped right in with those who refuse to pay even if they are well off. Quite frankly I think the way you are being treated is horrible and inexcusable, especially coming from the attorney general.

    Being a disabled veteran, I would think there are special services available to you. You could also see if there are any attorneys who are willing to do pro-bono (free) cases for disabled vets. Good luck to you.

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    So sorry to hear about your problem, try Equalityformen.org then go into FORUMS there is a site there Family Law Legal Help maybe you will find something or some one there that might be able to help. Or right to your President, i did once to my Priminister and received some help and advice. or would your ex navy Commander or some one there not be able to advise you. Good Luck.

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    as a disable veteran I am sure you have legal assistance you can contact

    and if and when you get any help, you need to see if you can get custody of your child

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  • 1 decade ago

    get a new lawyer

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