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Huguenot Surnames? Asprey?

Does Anyone Know if Asprey is a Huguenot surname?

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    Asprey definitely is a Huguenot name. The family left the village of D'Esprey in France in 1680 following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and settled in various parts of southern England, mainly in Mitcham in Surrey where they continued their trade of calico printers , leather workres and weavers. The family name went through various transformations evenyually being standardised as Asprey. One branch of the family, headed by Willam Asprey, founded a company in 1781 which eventually became the famous jewellery shop, Asprey, in Bond Street.

    Source(s): My personal knowledge of the Asprey family - being a member of the family - and the book, Asprey of Bond Street by Bevis Hillier, written in 1981 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Company.
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    Huguenot Surnames

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    i like such a lot of of those! Gonna do all boys, and use surnames for the middles too. • Russell Carter grant • Archer Jackson Hadley • Bennett Harper Griffin • Mackenzie Everett Graham • Avery Greyson Clark • Sullivan Riley Fletcher "Russ, Archie, Ben, Mac, Avery & Sully." :)

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    is goblet an Huguenot name

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    I don't know, but you might find help here

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