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What kind of bedding should I use for chinchillas?

I know I should not use Cedar or Pine and most of that kind of bedding, but I know the best would be a recycled bedding like Carefresh, but if I dont use that can I use fleece?

One more thing I am making my own cage is it ok if instead of using wood on the bottom of the cage cage i use chloroplast like a C&C cage? If they are able to chew through it, I will tuck it behind the chloroplast so they cant chew on it.


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    Yes, you can use fleece liners and many people do so. I believe has instructions for making them somewhere, as well as a lot of other good information on chinchillas. also has many people who have made their own cages. Using wood on the bottom would be gross to clean anyway. I don't know about chloroplast, but anything plastic will have to be made so that there is no possible way for them to chew on it.

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    Why would you not use pine? Pine has been used for 60 years for chinchillas with absolutely no problem. As long as it is kiln dried pine, it's perfectly safe. Carefresh is okay, but only the Carefresh Ultra. There have been cases of mites being in the gray Carefresh, and I would never recommend using that.

    Fleece is definitely an alternative. The liners aren't all that hard to make, just make sure you have several ready to go because you're going ot need to change them every day or every other day.

    If I am remembering right, chloroplast is just another type of plastic. If so, they will chew through it in nothing flat. Chins can chew through plastic, even when it's attached to a flat surface. They can chew through melamine if they really feel inspirted. It will take them a little while, as they work through the layers, but they can do it. The only type of cage they truly can't chew through is a wire cage with a metal pan. Other than that, any cage has the potential to be gnawed on and/or destroyed by their chewing. Not all chins "will" chew, of course, but if you happen to have a chewer you will need to keep a close eye.

    As mentioned, you can get cage plans as well as instructions on how to sew fleece liners on You may find a cage there that really strikes a cord with you. Also, check your building supplies. See if it's more economical to buy a ferret nation type cage, or if it's better to build. In some cases you may be surprised.

    Good luck!

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    Pine shavings are safe. It is just Cedar that is toxic. I use Pine. I would not use carefresh I have seen it cause impaction in the GI tract of chinchillas, I tried the fleece liners but did not feel they were sanitary enough. but many people on use fleece liners

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