storm most powerful xmen?

Hands down storm is the best mutant there ever was and ever will be imagine tornados, lightning on earth rain for months that will cause floods and hurricanes. And they said that storm trys really hard to keep her powers under control and if she doesn’t have control she can destroy this whole world. One Tornado can does lots of damage for 3 minutes imagine 5 tornado's for 30 minutes. She can wipe out the earth if she wanted to. Also she can kill all the xmen with putting lightning on them for 10 min and putting them in a hurricane for how long she wants she can also use a tornado and blow the hole xmen away. and please storm can beat the Phoenix first she can manipulate any kind of element fire is an element and the Phoenix is fire bird she can also blow the fire bird away also a tornado is impossible to beat especially more than one also keep in mind lightning is hoter then the sun to a lightning bolt can kill most of the xmen or other mutants .please one hurricane can kill all the mutants. If you can control the weather you are she is the first black one there. Storm rules

Phoenix/Jean could not defeat Storm that's already been proven countlessly. Phoenixthe entity would definitely be a battle for Storm. However, not an easy feat. Phoenix may be all powerful, but Storm is the molder of all primal forces! They "favor" and "accept" her commands. Phoenix uses the same energies that deliver Storm her power. The only difference is "Marvel/Claremont" says that these elements are bonded with her she is one with the energies she possesses Storm has defeated jean innumerable times. And the elements are linked to her psyche obeying even her mere thoughts, even without her making them. All forces willingly yield their power to her. At age six Storm harmed professor xwith a Psychic bolt to his brain...AT AGE 6. Storm is the nexus of all primal forces of natural existence including psychic! Professor X said he never felt such primal power, not even from phoenix!!! ATE AGE 6!!! Storm can project even her own thoughts psychically into other people's minds! She is one with natural existences. Jean may use phoenix's powers, but phoenix's powers are powers of the galaxy, powers given to Storm I miss something... Remember, the universe is based on the 4 elements, so without those elements, absolutely NOTHING would exist, not even the Phoenix. And you're missing something here, Storm IS the mistress of those 4 elements... so think twice when you that is not mind control. Storm has been hinted to be an OMEGA level mutant. Since she can control the weather patterns lighting, electricity ect. The brain waves are electric she can control them and you cant control storms mind because her mind has strong eletricac in it would hurt and might kill you.that is pro x never does and when he does he gets ijured and if she is in the tornado you cant transport up there and in one eposoide storm toke down jugernot

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    Well I thi... *crushed by wall of text*

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  • Well, okay. However, Jean Grey IS an Omega-Level mutant. All of the X-Men had a hard time with Phoenix, Storm included.

    However, if we're talking about the strongest mutant, it is probably Apocalypse.

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    The Most Powerful X Men

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    Guess what? Iceman is stated to be an OMEGA level mutant. No hints, just stated.

    Anyway, Storm is up there, I'll give you that; she's just not the best.

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    is this a debate or have you actuall opened a question to be answered? because if u are so sure about storm being the most powerful x-man (or woman, or w/e), then why ask this question in the first place? there are thigs called discussion boards on the internet. i think thats the right person for you, this is for answers, not debates.

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    yes she is she can control the water and blood inside someones body

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