y=mx+b, rise over run, staircase method, X-Y int. Man this makes no sense! plz help?

Hey guys,

Im 16 taking grade 12 math. A30. I know that each place calls their math something different, but A30 is pretty much the first grade 12 math...

Anyways, I learned all this stuff last year, but it all disappeared over summer! my teacher "assumed" we would remember, and just went right through the questions, and i didn't understand a thing that was going on!

Can someone PLEASE reexplain to me this whole concept of math. From what Y, X, M, and B are and how they are used in the line graph? also how do you write it all out? how do you do staircase method? PLEASE just reteach it all to me if you can. THANK YOU

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    Well for starters x and y just represent two related objects. Units of production and cost, distance and time, etc. m is used in linear equations to reflect the slope, or the rate at which a change in x translates to a change in y. b is the constant to account for the starting position of y when there is no x. So if you know the slope of a line and it's intercept you can graph it using the staircase method. If the slope is a whole number you move up or down depending on whether it's positive or negative that many spaces for each one space you move to the right on the x-axis. So m=2 means step up two for every one x. If m is a fraction then you move the y axis the number in the numerator and the x axis the number in the denominator. For example if m is 2/5 then you move up 2 while moving right 5.

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