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mario kart ds action replay friend codes?

you can play me if you dont use action replay. and if you do use action replay please please play me i am looking for challenge

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    My name is Frank.

    My Friend Code is 000224148433.

    Give me an email saying what time you want to go on.


  • 4 years ago

    cheaters are the bane of online gaming, you make it so that the real players (like me) will never be on the top of a board. i was in the top 300 in COD4 but i was probably really in the top 100 if it wasn't for glichers and bs modded controllers. people know your cheating dude the real gamers are not stupid we know what is possible within the game and what is simply impossible. practice youll get good and it will feel even better, plus if someone post a cheat on here everyone will know it and a lot will do it

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