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Can Not Access Windows Update?

My computer is set for automatic updates for windows but that has not been happening. So, I clicked on Windows Updates manually and a page comes up that says "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page". I then type in the address bar and get the same message. I also type the in the address bar and get the same message that says "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page". I have went to Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab, Advance Tab and verified everything and still nothing. I've even tried the Bing website and clicking on various Microsoft links and I still get the message. I honestly don't know what the problem is. If it's a virus I don't know how to remove it as I'm only able to access the Yahoo and AOL websites at this time.

Only serious responses please.


I mistyped. I did type update (without the s) and I'm still getting the same message. I feel I also have a virus...however, I'm unable to go to any sites via IE to acess virus software (as stated previously).

Update 2:

My OS is Windows XP

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    Access denied to normal security functions indicates malware of some breed.

    You'll likely not be able to get anything necessary to fix it over the Internet with the infected unit because of this 'access denial' aspect.

    Find another computer and download Malwarebytes to start cleaning up your system:

    After installing, you may have to rename it "123.exe" (or any " .exe " you want) because again, the more effective malware removal utilities are blocked by name.

    After re-naming it> update> then run.

    ('System Restore' may have to be turned off for effective cleaning).

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    I can't see why Automatic Updates isn't working, but rest assured you're browsing to the wrong site. I got the same message on the linked site.

    Windows update is actually: not "updates". Ensure you're running Internet Explorer 5 or above and you shouldn't have any issues using the Web Based Windows Update.

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    hi, Do you have an unique reproduction of the XP win? be sure you turn on the automated updates via skill of going to> initiate>all progs>upload-ons>equipment strategies>protection middle and activate the automated updates. If that did not artwork then do a equipment restoration to the date the you have been able to get get right of entry to to the updates,, stable success,, lemme knw

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    operating system should be listed.try searching for an antivirus.if it doesnt let you click on the links and takes you somewhere else you might have a virus or spyware

    martin why would they pay when they get answers here?good luck with that

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