Do people take their bibles to church anymore?

I belong to a church in where we use psalmbooks (combination of hymnal and scripture readings) so no one carries a bible to church. Is this a trend? Has powerpoint taken the place of reading the Bible along with the preacher for yourself? Turning to cross references? Has technology made us biblically illiterate? We have bible on mp3, CD, computer, etc. Does anyone use the real thing?


When I said mp3 and CD, I was referring to individual listening rather than actually reading the Word, not that churches are using mp3's. They might, but I don't know that for sure.

Update 2:

I suppose biohoo22 is correct. I am a 'book learner' and tend to forget people learn in different ways, thank you for pointing that out. My grandmother never carried or read a bible, she had a limited education and could barely read, yet she was one of the most spiritual people I have ever known. Word of mouth was the original way, thank you for reminding me.

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    Everyone in the church I belong to does: 75% of those who come to church also go to Sunday School and there are plenty of Bibles available for visitors or those who forget. All my friends have five, or more, Bibles (I have seven) and use all for Bible study. My large-print NKJV; with commentary by John MacArthur, 'lives' on my bed as it's too heavy for me to carry to church!! The MP3's are great - I can hear the sermon again and/or play for friends.

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    Yes, where I went to church almost everyone carried a bible. Once the pastor had to tell everyone to take their bibles home and read them, because a number of people were leaving them behind, in church. I have left mine but have more than one bible at home. You can read or listen to the bible now like you say but the book is always a helpful resource. I f you are like me you have to read some things over and over to get the meaning. Also the book has a bible verse finder and dictionary/concordance that is easy to use. I agree the computer has a lot of info about the bible and the bible itself, but in my opinion there is nothing like the book.

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    By definition, changing one medium (such as a book) to another (such as a CD), does NOT make someone "biblically illiterate". As long as they are still able to read the words of the bible or listen to the words in any format, they are still learning about the word of God. Before the written bible was made, people had to LISTEN and WITNESS the events...and they were passed down via word of mouth. Are you implying that the only "real" way to take in the bible would be to use the oldest method of communication? Should we instead memorize the entire bible and pass the information down word of mouth?

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    yes.... we do... some doesn't use bible in the church anymore because the priest is telling sermons the book... so just listen. But people use it at home.

    yes.. technology has been infuencial to bibles and faith

    it's too bad

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    Im from a small town and yes we take our Bibles to church :) Infact I never heard of of churches useing mp3's and such. Thats pretty neat-o.

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    I do, one shouldn't just take someone else's word for it, the Lord gave us this book to read His word, everything he wanted us as humans to know about Him and his desires for us. When it comes down to it at the end you're going to have to answer to God, no person or priest or saint will be there defending you. He gave you this book to read concerning him and what he wants from you, I sure wouldn't put my eternity in someone else's hands going by blind trust in another human!

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    I take mine,

    when the preacher reads I want to read along and see for myself.

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    many churches don't required a bible and as a result, we have lazy Christians who couldn't find an appropriate scripture to save themselves. remember what was said about the "noble bereans"?

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    Jehovah's Witnesses carry and use their bible at all meetings. it's something we never leave home. it is God's instruction to us. we all have our own personal copy to use and to follow along with the teacher. all other bible aids are helpful. technology can increase and enhance our faith but nothing can replace the real thing.

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    We take our bibles to church every weekend.

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