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give an example of a food chain containing 3-5 organisms?


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    Grass -----> cow ------> human

    Wheat ------> mouse ------> snake ------> owl

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    Food Chain With 5 Organisms

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    I hope you let more people try to do your homework as number 16 is most definitely NOT glucose but rather a derivative of it. Try looking it up yourself, it seriously would not take you that long. Just do keyword searches.. like for number 16 google liver and carbohydrate storage. I don't mind helping when people are stuck on just one or two points but twenty-one parts? And Holiday Homework? Meaning you've had since before Christmas to do this and are now panicking because vacation is almost over?

  • phytoplankton(producer)-zoo plankton(primary consumer)-Sand Eel(secondary consumer)-puffin( tertiary consumer)-DE-COMPOSER

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