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what colour should blonde haired blue eyed girls wear?? and not pink, please!!?

I always wear blue and green and black, but i think i neeed more variety. what other colours are good? grey, yellow, white?? I really dunno. Will white make me look really pale cuz i hav pale skin? but my friend has pale skin and she looks really good in white. should i dye my hair so i can wear white?? Eeep help plz!! and what kinda styles should i wear. I am such a boring dresser. I havent touched a dress or skirt ssince i was like seven. but they are so cute?? guys, what do u think?? and girlz to plz

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    Definitely don't go with white, I have that same problem it will make you look even more pale. Don't change your hair color so you can wear white, just get either a fake tan or a real tan and then you can wear white. Grey and yellow are pretty, and also soft blues and greens. Teals are pretty too. I wouldn't wear a lot of black, it can make you look pale. Also purples too. Skinny jeans and tee-shirts or v-necks are really in and cute. Dresses and jean skirts too.

    Hope this helps(:

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    Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Girls

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    I'm like you with the whole blonde hair, blue eyes and really pale skin thing... For some reason (bright, but not fluoro) orange really suits me; maybe you should try it??


    Source(s): Personal experience...
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    Wear black, dark blues, and reds. Stay away from light colors, because they will only make you look pale.

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    Pale blue, white, purple, red.

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    That is not a question of what other people "like" or not. A person have to take many things into consideration, before jumping from one finish of the spectrum to the some other. It helps to understand your colouring. Are you neutral, warm or great? The undertones in your skin may compliment your hair

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    Whatever looks best on a individual is what they should wear. Since for my taste in men, I usually go for brunettes from a few reason, never gingers and rarely dirty blonde hair.

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    well i cant believe ur not into the purplish tinges like mauve and lilac etc...maroon looks wow with blonde i tell ya....if u natural blonde dont dye pleassss just streak with a cheery red or violets...

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    it really depends on what colours suit you, maybe blues or reds you can combine colors that go and contrast colors too experiment and try things out, borrow your friends clothes or go shopping and just grab whatever you like and try them on experiment with shoes and accesories.

    basically just go for whatever and try it out! maybe go with a friend!

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    white wouldn't be a bad color but great color for fair skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed people (men or women) is a nice pumkinish orange color

    look for a "burnt orange"

    or "pastel-ish orange color. its beautiful

    Source(s): sisters husband, my mom got him a orange polo, it looked so hot. i've also seen other girls wear it. SO pretty
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