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Give me 15 good reasons on why Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Lito Lapid Ate V. should be Vice Pres.?

i challenge you....can you really give 15 GOOD reasons?!!!?

by the term GOOD, i meant good things that they have done in the government and running this beautiful country...

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    If this is an exam...then.. I fail. *LOL* I cannot rationalize that 15 good reasons! I doubt if I can even give one.

    Okay, I'll give it a try.

    Jinggoy Estrada has been consistently opposing Gloria Arroyo. Other than that.. I couldn't think of any good reason.

    Lito Lapid... there's none that I know of.

    Bong Revilla -- he has made projects for Cavite -- road construction. Other than that, I am not aware of his other contributions.

    Ate V. - I am not aware of her governance style...

    NONE of them can be considered as a fit candidate for Vice-Presidency.


    They are all actors turned into politicians. Wouldn't you include Erap?

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    Bong Revilla

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    Good reasons or bad? I think there are more bad reasons to be thought of than good. For example they don't fit to be a politician because their background is acting.

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    Jinggoy is best amoung them

    1. now a senator

    2. his father a president

    3. his mother a doctor

    4. his mother a senator

    5. his wife belongs to influential clan

    6. he is educated in Ateneo

    7. Ateneo is school for the wealthy

    8. Ateneo is school for the brilliant rich

    9. he maintain good moral character

    10. he is one woman man

    11. he is God fearing

    12. he is loved by the masses

    13. parents' influence on his person is contributory

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  • Each are members of the Oligarchy?

    Source(s): Kleptocratic regime syndrome.
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    No good reasons...

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    Damn, i can't even give 1, i'm a failure. wahhhhhh

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    1) _________



    ummm.... none!!!

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