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哪位知道這個部落格的背景音樂的主唱是哪位 歌名又是什麼呢



我好喜歡 但是不知道歌名是什麼

有沒有哪位大大知道 可以跟我講呢



謝謝西瓜的回答!!好愛你喔!!好棒~~~回答了我的問題真的好開心 又快又準確!再次謝謝!!!!

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  • 西瓜
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    1 decade ago
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    這首好聽的歌曲是來自美國加州療傷系女歌手 Joy Enriquez 唱的 Losin' The Love,收錄在她 2001 年 9 月底發行的 Joy Enriquez 個人首張專輯中。

    歌詞如下 :

    Verse 1 :

    There are days when I regret it

    The things I said to you

    I put my trust in no one

    It broke my heart and I blamed it on you

    You are kind and oh so gentle

    But I refused to see

    That someone like you exsisted

    I was somewhere in denial

    While you were loving me

    Hook :

    I cried myself to sleep last night

    When I woke up

    There were tear stains on my pillow

    It hurt so much to sacrifice what I gave up

    Without you in my life

    I will always feel lonely

    Losing the love

    From someone like you

    Verse 2 :

    Not a day goes by without something

    Reminding me of you

    The truth is that I miss you

    It gets so hard not being with you

    There are times when I go crazy

    In the twilight of the night

    How I long to be your woman again

    There's a pain that I hold

    That will not let me go


    Bridge :

    I don't wanna make this too hard

    But I just wanna be where you are

    In your life, by your side, forever


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