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怡玫 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急急急急 幫我翻譯一下 (中翻英)



請不要用翻譯機 直接翻譯!! 謝謝

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is my first time to join an interviewing program and to randomly meet foreigners on-site. As we got to Taoyuan railroad station, we did nothing but looking for any available one for interviewing. After one hour time, we luckily found a gentleman named Daniel who is coming from Germany, 33year old. In his pleasant statement, the unforgettable impression of Taiwan are full of friendship and delicious snacks. Besides, he loves pet specially cats which is the same as I do. At last for this interviewing program, one of those persons we met is a young man who has not only a good looking appearance but his humorous sense, lovely smile and witty thoughts won all the acclamation of our choice and that is the one we dream for a marrying idol in future. This time I am having much more experiences in English field and enthusiastic manners from foreigners as well.

    大青蛙 敬上

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  • Neuo
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    1 decade ago

    First time visits the foreigner.

    I to hug both are anticipating and the happy mood.

    We arrive at the peach garden train station,is seeking for foreigner's trail.

    We have waited for one hour,lets me see finally the foreigner,

    we have hurried to fire into goes to ask, he promised us immediately, then helds responsible his name, I remembered that he was called Daniel he to come from Germany, the Daniel age is probably 33, Daniel said that he liked Taiwan very much, because he thought that the Taiwan people very friendly thing also was very delicious, Daniel liked the animal is a kitty, was the same with me! Finally elects is one year after handsome fellow's interview, he humorous charming is also lovable, is our ideal object. This time English schoolwork lets me absorb many experiences, only then discovered that the foreigner is also actually very warm! Please do not use the translator to translate directly!!

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  • 1 decade ago


    first time to interview foreigners, I held a expectant mood as well as happy.


    we got to TAOYUN train station to look for foreigners


    As we waited for an hour, finally I saw foreigners.


    we ran forward hurrily for asking his permission.

    He answered us right away


    Then, we asked for his name,


    I rememberd he's called Daniel, from Germany.



    Daniel is thirty three. He said he likes Taiwan very much

    because he feels taiwanese people are friendly and also Taiwanese foods are tasty


    Daniel's favorite animal is cat, which is same with me!!!!


    The last person we chose to interview is a handsome young man.

    He is humorous and lovely who is the ideal target to us.


    I have learnt many experiences from this English assignment.


    And I found that foreigners are actualy very passionate.

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