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    Hi my name is Anastasia. Please you meet you all. I am currently 17 years old and still studying in high school. Born in a middle class family, my parents valued eduation and discipline. Due to the lack of creativity and meaning of eduation in schools of Taiwan, my parents took me and my sister to New Zealand to studying, hoping that New Zealand would provide us with a better eduation and set us on a better road in the future.

    As we migrated to New Zealand when I was only 7, I have very limited chinese skills. However, I do excel in English. My childhood memories in New Zealand were filled with nature, family interactions and music. My parents bought a farm and started a business there. As a result, I became contact with cows, lambs, name it at a very young age. However I have not totally disconnected myself with the outside world. I made many friends and are still even in contact with a few right now.

    Family time was considered as the most important time of all for my family. Every sunday night we would sit around the fire and play games, talk about what happened in the week and what we want to achieve in the succeeding week. I love my family very dearly as they provided support for me at times in need and they forgave me for all the terrible things I did when I was out of control.

    My parents bought me a violin when I was 8 and encouraged me to practise it. I fell in love with it ever since. I indulged myself in the world of music as I would play the violin everyday, whenever I would lay my hands on it. My parents were deeply surprised and pleased with the success and happiness I obtained from playing the violin. Friends and family would praise my skill and everytime we held a gathering, they would hunger for more.

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    Since starting high school, I have set my goals for my future. I want to be a professional violinist. I want to perform all around the world, I want to teach. I want to share my joy and music with everyone in the world.

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    And here I stand, a small and somewhat intimidated girl with nothing but a violin in hand and unlimited imagination, I want to change the world.

    Thank you for listening.

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    yeah...I am 17..half of what I wrote is true...but I made some up wanting a career in music. I'm still deciding..xD

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