I just can't take this anymore.

My great grand mother is the most annoying person on the planet.

She is so horribly annoying that I cannot stand the thought of her even existing.

Not in my whole life have I ever thought someone could be so annoying.

I don't no how long I can take this.

She started to live with my family 2 years ago.

Below are examples and scenarios of her excruciating quotes and doings.


She ask the same thing over 3 times in one day.All of them ridiculous questions.


Shes an hardcore evangelist elder that I can't stand to be with.

I don't have a religion and I don't intend to. However due to her being a religious nut she pushes the bible in my face constantly.

I am also a painter and I draw often. My art offends her even if I didn't intend to. Sometimes I might draw a cat or something with devil horns and she SCREAMS AT ME WITH THAT HORRID VOICE!! Every single night I can hear her praying loudly VERY LOUDLY and crying too.


She does not understand the computer or or why I'm on it.




These were actual quotes


She gossips and BLOWS things out of proportion! Absolutely,anything she can utter in that toothless mouth of hers is always put to the extreme.

She gossips absolutely everything and talks about it until her dementia kicks in and she COMPLETELY forgets it.

When whichever topic she forgets is talked about again, she does the same cycle again and again.

For each topic she talks about she exaggerates it like hell. Then shes start crying LOUDLY about it if it is a negative situation.



She ***** everything up. LIKE EVERYTHING.

She breaks apart stuff and scrambles everything.

She broke 7 appliances that our family brought and burned 5 of my paintings!!! Wrote jesus on every portrait or family photo, and killed my cat Dotzee.

Well that's all.

So someone please help me with this lady.

I am very respectful to elders and I have never really truly lost my cool with her.

But I'm afraid it is bound to happen soon.

I am afraid it will end in me killing her or myself or just dying from the mental torture.

So please how do I deal with this?


Thanks everyone for your help I'll follow the advice as much as I can.

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    1 decade ago
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    well, that is really sad.

    she is obviously very sick, and very confussed... older people always yell about the computer, my grandma yells about texting, its really annoying. i would have a completely serious, calm talk with your mom or dad about this... i hate to say this, but i dont think you will have to kill her! shes your great grandma and she will die eventually soon... just kind of go outside and run, or read, or listen to music, or keep a journal!!!! just writing that above i bet makes you feel at least a tiny bit better. but just expressing your emotions will set alot of your anger free. dont yell tho :[

    <3 ya!

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    1 decade ago

    My first advice isn't much different than many of the others that have said to talk with your parents at least, about what you're going through and attempt to exercise more patience. But I do also feel for you in your frustration and know it really can't be easy at all.

    Aside from her annoying times, is she ever calm at all? Are there opportunities you might try to do something with her or let her get to know you better? Older people do love to be asked to share their wisdom.

    What if you were to sit near her and draw her? Win her over to your art. Maybe look up some family tree things on the computer and share your findings with her? Could this make her think the time you spend on the computer isn't so bad after all?

    Other activities to do with seniors can be found here. Or this site about dementia,

    Just suggestions. Hang in there. It won't always be like this.

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    Dear god, I wish I knew what to really say to this! I feel for you, truly.

    Maybe have a talk with your parents? Arrange something so you all can sit down and you can calmly explain to her that, while you appreciate her enthusiasm about religion, you do not share the same views. Let her know if she wishes to discuss them with you, she should do so in an appropriate manner.

    Tell her your art is your way of expressing yourself, it is fun for you, and that destroying it is being disrespectful. Ask her how she would like it if you burned her bible, or something or value to her.

    Make sure it is clear you respect her, so she should return the same respect for you.

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    keep being respectful. she may pass away soon.

    hide your paintings and art. she doesn't need to see it. put them under your bed or something or in your closet..and bare with her ramblings. this is a disorder. she can't help it, she forgets.

    help her when you can. if you see her doing something with an appliance, just try and help.

    and if she is mad about some devil things(computers, tv, etc) just tell her that you don't do that stuff and you only use the computer for school.

    just bare with her. be compassionate and show some empathy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I feel bad for you.I really do.But as you grow old you act this way.It's natural.In your case may be it got extreme.

    I can only says that avoid her as much as you can.If you don't interact with her she will be less problemetic for you.

    And don't think of her too much.

    And please don't take any extreme steps.

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    1 decade ago

    well shes one of the reasons you exist so shut the hell up and appreciate her.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    worry about yourself.


    realize shes just old and crazy haha.


    make fun of it.

    to yourself at least.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Put her up on sale on ebay.... throw in free dentures.

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