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Scion tc exhaust/muffler?

I have a 05 Scion TC and want to install the TRD sport muffler on it, would it be fine if I just added the muffler and not the whole exhaust?

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    the TRD sport muffler is just an axel back so its not like it really matters. there is no choice for a full exhaut with an axel back its all one piece. a cat back has full exhaust from the cat back hence its name. there are also S-pipes out there for the tC. axel back on a tC is not going to anything for the tC but give it a louder subtle sound.

    Source(s): 05 Scion tC owner a friends tC with the TRD muffler:
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    My Scion tC gets approximately 36mpg, so I have not have been given any concept the place Yen have been given her numbers from. The tC does not 'pretend' to be something. that's a value-effective activities compact automobile with a lot of production facility and aftermarket customization. Scion merchandising does not portray the tC as something different than what i've got reported. The commercials are not plagued with exaggerated engine sounds, featuring the tC tearing up tracks, or mountain roads. The Scion tC is an mind-blowing value automobile with sturdy gas mileage, good styling, Toyota reliability, and sturdy resale value. My basically gripe may be the cheap *** plastic conceal for the panoramic roof, and rear head room is somewhat cramped even for a hatchback.

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    its better to get the whole catback-

    i have a scion tc & installed the whole catback

    it sounds great ! and saves alil money in gas..

    you should look into a BBP catback sold on Ebay

    140bucks shipped! look for the Ebay seller SPEEDELEMENTS

    they will hook you up nice! if you have any further questions

    sign up on there`s alot of ppl you could talk to

    on there! GOOD LUCK !

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    any muffler, exhaust will sound rice on a 4 cyl car. If you must modify a tc, turbocharge it.... All other mods will make sound difference, but not real world acceleration improvement...

    Source(s): 2.4 camry engine...
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    if you just want the sound get a magnaflow axle back not to many people like the trd sound but its you car and the trd isnt worth any where near the price they want

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