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fatum asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

i am thinking of joining the air force any info would be great?

specifically weather apprentice or bio-environmental engineer

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    Weather Apprentice

    The weather affects nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and most people listen to weather reports on the radio or watch weather presentations on TV. Weather also affects nearly every type of military operation, and Air Force weather personnel are stationed around the world to support Air Force and Army operations. Weather apprentices analyze weather conditions, prepare forecasts, issue weather warnings and brief weather information to pilots. To become an Air Force weather apprentice, you will receive college-level instruction on the basic principles of meteorology that include how to analyze and forecast weather elements such as clouds, visibility, winds, atmospheric pressure and many other parameters. Your instruction will also show you how to read and interpret weather satellite imagery, climatology reports, computerized weather prediction models and Doppler weather radar imagery. You will also learn how to operate a weather radar console and a high-frequency pilot-to-metro radio. The typical weather apprentice works at one of eight operational weather squadrons located throughout the world. There you will be responsible for forecasting the weather for multiple Air Force bases and Army posts in your geographical region. Once you complete your initial operational weather squadron assignment, you will be eligible for an assignment to a combat weather team supporting an Air Force flying wing or an Army aviation or ground combat unit. At that time, you may also be eligible to volunteer for weather parachutist duty with a special operations or Army unit. The weather can determine the success of any military operation, and weather apprentices play an important role in supporting our war fighters – a challenging and rewarding job in support of the Air Force mission.

    A Special Operations Weatherman (SOWT; males only) is a part of the Air Force's Special Forces, or Battlefield Airmen. SOWT are Air Force weather technicians with unique training to operate in hostile or denied territory. They gather, assess, and interpret weather and environmental intelligence from forward deployed locations, working primarily with Air Force and Army Special Operations Forces (SOF). They collect weather, ocean, river, snow and terrain intelligence, assist mission planning, generate accurate mission-tailored target and route forecasts in support of global special operations and train joint force members and coalition partners to take and communicate limited weather observations. Additionally, SOWT conduct special reconnaissance, collect upper air data, organize, establish and maintain weather data reporting networks, determine host nation meteorological capabilities and train foreign national forces. The SOWT is a precision parachutist, proficient in the use of light weapons and tactical radios, capable of penetrating hostile areas to perform his duties. He is involved in extensive physical training, skilled in surface water operations using amphibious techniques, trained on motorcycles, snowmobiles, rappelling, and fast rope procedures - all as ways to get to work. The SOWT is an expert in land navigation, capable of overland travel in any environment. Survival training in various climates enables SOWT to function under the most demanding conditions. The unique qualifications of SOWT make them the farthest reaching environmental reconnaissance asset for both ground and air commanders. Special Operations Weather is a very physically, mentally and technically demanding job, one of the best and most prestigious the Air Force has to offer. For amazing training, an adventurous mission, and an exciting lifestyle - this job is it. Airmen must successfully complete all phases of the Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST) to be accepted for further processing. The faster an Airman can run and swim, or the more repetitions he can do on each exercise, the better.

    The SOWT's officer career counterpart is the Special Operations Weather Team - Officer (SOWT-O).

    All Air Force career fields are based on qualifications and job availability. PAY CHART

    CCAF Degrees:

    Weather Technology

    Tec Schools:

    Keesler AFB, MS


    Bioenvironmental Engineer

    Bioenvironmental engineers ensure safe and healthy workplaces for Air Force people. Air Force commanders depend on their professional advice to make important decisions involving weapons systems and associated processes; facilities; and chemical, biological and radiological issues. You'll be expected to apply engineering and scientific knowledge in identifying and managing risks for health protection on a daily basis. Daily duties could include health risk assessments; chemical, biological and radiological identification and control; and modernizing health facilities. PAY CHART

    All Air Force career fields are based on qualifications and job availability.

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    First, a math principal from UC will likely be LOVED by way of the army. You maybe ready to move Air Force, however pupil naval aviators have to have 20/20 uncorrected in BOTH eyes (this covers Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard). You will ought to get into particularly well form, and you'll at a few factor pass to SERE institution. Women desire a rather thick dermis in all offerings. Marriage does not difference so much, being pregnant will down you medically, and your squadron buddies is not going to respect it if you're on flying orders. Nobody will simply fly alleviation. If you desire to fly tons of alleviation, opt for C-130s or helicopters. Family will likely be less difficult within the Air Force, however no longer a stroll within the park even there.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions

    1W0X1 - WEATHER

    Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions


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  • 1 decade ago

    if you are just graduating high school do the rotc program so you can get your college degree and enter the military as an officer..then you will be set..

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