How many pictures will a 32 MB memory card hold?

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I just bought a new camera yesterday. It's the canon PowerShot SX110 IS. It came more
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memory cards are cheap. You can get one more than a hundred times bigger for under $20.
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  • maxiine ♥ answered 5 years ago
    no, that's about right
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  • Sandy answered 5 years ago
    That depends on the picture quality. The better the quality of the pictures, the less pictures that can be stored on the memory card.
    Here's a basic guide for 32 MB capacity:

    Will approximately store according to resolution/megapixals:
    3.0 MP=25 Pictures

    5.0 MP=17 Pictures

    8.0 MP=10 Pictures

    10 MP=5 Pictures

    12 MP= 4 Pictures

    You will need to get a memory card that is larger to hold more photos. They are relatively inexpensive at walmart or best buy.
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  • Mr. Gray answered 5 years ago
    No, you're going to need to buy a better memory card.
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  • fhotoace answered 5 years ago
    About 8 or 10 ...

    Why don't you buy a nice $10, 4-gb SD memory card?

    The built-in memories are there so the camera can be demonstrated by the sales people so they do not have to open a memory card (which later gets "lost")

    The on-board memory is a marketing tool only


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  • Petra_au answered 5 years ago
    32MB is a teeny tiny capacity that will only allow approx. 7 Large/Superfine images, so you will need to buy a memory card with much more capacity.

    Your User Guide has a chart in it (pages 203-204) that shows you approx. how large each image file is and how many you will be able to take per 2GB or 8GB, as well as the measly 32MB card that Canon so generously gave you. For the best image quality possible, make sure you only shoot in Large/Superfine. This means each image file is larger...but memory cards are cheap, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    btw, there are approx. 1000MB in each you can see that 32MB is useless to you.

    I recommend you buy a reasonably fast, 4GB SDHC Memory card as a minimum capacity. It will allow you to shoot approx. 1000 Large/Superfine images...or just over 30 minutes of the best quality video.

    A Sandisk SDHC memory card is my recommendation. It's available in the Ultra II (Class 4 speed) at around US$10...or the faster (Class 6 speed) Extreme III for under US$20. Do NOT be tempted to get a cheap standard speed (Class 2) card, as it will be much too slow for your camera.

    Make sure you always Format any brand new memory card before you use it the first time. This is done in the Camera's Menu. Your User Guide explains how to do it (page 156).
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    32 MBs is not that big. In fact, it is the smallest size commercial SD card available.
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