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Which Middle-Eastern country has the best nightlife?

Would it be Lebanon, Israel, or Bahrain????

Or another one????

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    Beda soo2al ya3ni?? (does this question even need to be asked?)

    Lebanon does!

    Beirut was voted number one city to visit in the world 2009.

    And according to out of the 100 top bars in the world 2 are in Beirut, Lebanon B-018, ranked 52nd, and Sky bar ranked 1st.

    This year B-018 is #12 & Centrale Restaurant and Bar in Lebanon was voted number 81.

    Beirut, Kaslik, Bourmana, Bhamdoun and many other cities are known for their nightlife all located in Lebanon. Other countries such as Dubai have a more concentrated nightlife, while in Lebanon it is more spread out. Lebanon is dubbed the Switzerland of the Middle East, Paris of the Middle East and so on. Beirut has always been known to have the best nightlife, before the civil war, during and after! Many of the bars and clubs dont open until 2 a.m.

    Lebanon is not only known for its nightlife but it is also famously known for its natural and historical beauty as well! Israelis wish they can party in Lebanon. Bahrainis vacation in the summer in Lebanon...

    Lebanon is known to be the cosmopolitan country of the Middle East. People can build man made structures, Lebanon is naturally beautiful and Lebanese love lifeeeeee!!!!

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    I've only been to Dubai and it's quite interesting but the party is usually over at 2 am. In Lebanon we party till sunshine :) and that is crazy

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    In the Middle East I've only been to Lebanon, and Egypt, and those countries have a very good nightlife.

  • Anonymous
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    Lebanon and Dubai

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  • Anonymous
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    LEBANON LEBANON LEBANON best party city in the world. check the youtube video for proof

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    what about Egypt??

    Lebanon too :)

    but no not israel of course

  • Dubai or Bahrain... according to my ex that was in the navy.

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    Dubai...unbreakable nightlife.

    Imagine one night in Burj Arab, the only 7star hotel in the world or Burj Dubai, the highest building in the world or Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world....more than that you can serve one night all.

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    Im from lebanon and let me to you its beautiful..the girls, food, and beaches..great spot

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