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What do you think is a good idea for a 6th grade social studies and science fair project?

heres a list of social studies fair projects that i thought up

The History of the White House

The history of Pink Floyd

President Barack Obama

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Michael Jackson - The king of pop

Elvis - The King of Rock

Las Vegas - How it started

Or The People of Nunavut,Canada

Science- i will always be saying and you for these

Sound and you

the scientific method and you

insects frequency behavior

and the last two

Satellites and you

The universal balances

pick two of each for each project ss and science..

and if you have cooler suggestions put them in an answer below


the ss fairs in 4 days... ill let you know the results if you want to

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    Pink Floyd sounds pretty cool for social studies. If you're allowed to do that kind of thing i'd say go for it and stray from the stuff that you usually do, or I usually do anyway. everyone knows about michael jackson since he died and same with barack obama since he's been elected.

    For science hm..I'd say either insect frequency behavior or satellites and you.

    (i'm sorry i don't really get the and you thing so i'm just ignoring it. could you explain? i know.. i should probably get it but i'm blanking)

    Source(s): oh yeah ^^^ that's a good idea above my answer! :D how they both died relatively young for similar reasons...etc. that'd be interesting. a change from all the shows that have been on about michael jackson's life.
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    These are the choices I picked, that I think me and lots of students would find interesting...

    For Social studies-

    1. History of the White house- not a lot of people know about it, and it's awesome to learn cool things like that.

    2. Las Vegas- Plenty of people will want to hear about this subject!


    1. Sound and you- different and interesting

    2. The scientific method- that is always fun to learn

    Want more ideas? Try:

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    Barack Obama

    the history of pitbulls

    I don't know if you like pitbulls or not but their breed has so much history, as the most popular dog , show dogs, then their fall,

    their infamousy beggining.

    Sound and you

    satellites and you

    I like the one above me,

    but that gave me an idea about

    the Nike shoe brand

    their shoes are made by enslaved children in china

    most kids would find that shocking and interesting

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    Hmm, I would compare Michael Jackson The King of Pop versus Elvis The King of Rock- how they both died relatively young, drug overdoses, etc.

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    this is amazing: so a project on the chemical DMHO how it can kill, is found in HUGE DOSES in a ordinary water bottles and cosmetics, its used as engine coolant and people dump over 1000000 gallons EVERY MONTH into our oceans (its not illegal yet). its sad in huge doses it can cause swelling redness nausa dizzyness and death. DMHO is the main component of acid rain and sewage (and imagine every time you use a water bottle that is what your drinking) it can cause SEVERE burns, makes almost all metals corrode. it can reduce the effectiveness of vehicle brakes. it also has been linked to cause HUGE blackouts. it has been found in almost all cancerous tumors here are some more facts: its also used as

    * as an industrial solvent and coolant.

    * in nuclear power plants.

    * in the production of styrofoam.

    * as a fire retardant.

    * in many forms of cruel animal research.

    * in the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this chemical.

    * as an additive in certain junk-foods and other food products.

    fun fact you ingest at LEAST 1.5 cups EVERY DAY

    AFTER ALL THAT WHEN THEY ARE GETTING SCARED tell them DHMO is.....(drummroll)........water. yes water (or dont tell them and make it more fun :P

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    On my last science project I did "How permanent are permanent markers" I used three surfaces: dry erase board, skin, and poster. Then tried to take the marker off the surfaces with: alcohol pads, toothpaste, and hairspray. You figure out how well each chemical takes off the marker on each and make percentages. It is a very easy project!

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    Kid you be my hero; if you did your report on pink Floyd. Do it on pink Floyd they’re an interesting band, lead-gripping lives. Also it teach kids not to even associate with drugs or even remotely think of doing drugs.

    insects frequency behavior, that sounds interesting.

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  • 1 decade ago

    how about chocolate slavery? how hershey's and nestle and other companies knowingly buy their ingredients, such as cocoa beans, from plantations in third-world countries that use slaves, and child workers? and we just keep on buying their products, because no one knows, no one tells.

    science, you could go with "evolution vs. creationism", the different viewpoints of the two sides, and your personal opinion after researching both sides.

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