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Do you know the name of a movie with a similar storyline as of Flight Plan?

I know that there is a bunch of movies like that out there, its an older movie, I would say more then 5 years. But my wife and I are trying to think of it and it's bugging us. I forgot who was in it.

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    Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965)

    starring Carol Lynley, Kier Dullea, Noel Coward

    IMDb synopsis:

    Having just arrived in London from Boston, single mother Ann Lake believes that she has dropped her four year old illegitimate daughter, Felicia - who Ann has nicknamed Bunny, the name of her imaginary childhood friend - off for her first day at her new school. Ann's belief is tested when she goes to pick up Bunny after school, Bunny who is not there. No one at the school even remembers ever seeing Bunny. The only person in London who knows Ann and can vouch for her assertion is her brother, magazine reporter Steven Lake. Ann's worry is heightened because there have been a few child abductions and murders of late. The police are brought into the matter. The further that sympathetic lead investigator, Superintendent Newhouse, gets into the investigation, the more it seems like Bunny is a figment of Ann's imagination, her fantasy supported by Steven for her own mental well-being. Steven however seems convinced that someone knows of Bunny's disappearance, that someone perhaps being one of the plethora of school administrators including its elderly owner, Ada Ford, or the Lake's seemingly eccentric landlord, Horatio Wilson.

    Here's the movie trailer:

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    Here's Part 1 on YouTube:

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    This sort of missing-person story goes further back, of course, including "So Long at the Fair" (1950) and "Lady on a Train" (1945).

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    What about "Flight Plan" did you like? A mother/daughter relationship? A child being kidnapped and later found? A movie that takes place on a plane? I'd recommend the new movie "Taken" that is now available on DVD. It's about a daughter that has been kidnapped with loads of suspense but LOTS of killings. So it may or may not be what you are looking for. Did you see Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart in "Panic Room"-- more like 7 years old though. A single mother lives with her daughter, Sarah. Following an intense night of hiding in the panic room (safe room) of their new home with her daughter, Meg manages to foil the plans of the invaders during an ambush attack.

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    julianne moore did a movie called the forgotten where she new she had a son and everyone told her she didnt that was a great one its from 2004

    Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore) has a missing son killed in a plane crash with 10 other kids on the way to camp. Telly is seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Jack Muncie (Gary Sinise). Telly spends time at dresser every day reminiscing. Psychiatrist suggests she has to let go. The images of son start disappearing. Her husband Jim Paretta (Anthony Edwards) says this is good, she is coming back to reality. The psychiatrist explains her son was manufactured memories after a miscarriage. Telly insists her son was real. Telly goes to Ash Correl's (Dominic West) apartment to convince him that her son, Sam (Christopher Kovaleski) and his daughter, Lauren, played together. Telly found children's painting under his office wallpaper. Dominic turns her in to the police. NSA Carl Dayton (Robert Wisdom) intervenes. Ash remembers. Telly escapes. NSA pursues, but they escape, reunite and discuss alien abduction. NSA pursues and loses them again. Detective Ann Pope (Alfre Woodward ) wonders why the NSA is interested in missing kids. NSA meets Ann. Telly and Ash go to the country cabin and catch Al Petalis (Lee Tergesen) who talks about the experiment and his body explodes. Doc proposes a partnership with Ann to catch Tell. Ann visits country cabin after. Telly and Ash check out Quest Air and go to x-CEO's house which is empty. Ann finds out they scammed the CEO's address on Long Island and heads out there. Ash and Doc leave together, Ash finds the cop (P.J. Morrison) aka airline guy aka parking lot guy aka the alien in his apartment. They jump out window together, Ash gets sucked up and alien disappears. Telly and Ann get together, Ann gets sucked up into the sky. Doc takes Telly to airport and the alien, Doc says finish experiment and the alien says its not over. Telly meet alien and re-imagines Sam who runs, disappears and the alien tells her the experiment was about her. He says Telly must forget or experiment fails. She refuses and the alien gets sucked up. Telly goes home and finds Sam. Telly meets Ash, again. Everything is back to normal.

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