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When I look myself in the mirror, do people see the same thing when they look at me?

How about pictures?

I think I look so different in pictures. I ask people if I really do look like that and they say yes.

Even in different mirrors and different lightings, I look different.

What do I really look like?

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    You obviously don't look like a complete

    stranger to the person you see in the mirror

    or photographs...

    But you would see yourself 'different' then other

    people see you. Everyone in the world would

    see you differently. But you still 'look' the same.

    For example, when you look in the mirror ...

    You may hate your hair. So you will focus on that.

    But someone who knows you could love your eyes.

    So they will focus on that.

    Look at it like this.

    Have you ever met someone and thought.

    'Ah there nothing special- ugly- un attractive?'

    And then you have got to know them and all

    of a sudden you think the light shines out of

    there ***? Once you get to know someone as

    a person there personality comes into play.

    So in total i believe that everyone looks different

    then how they view themselves. Obviously not

    a different person... Haha. But i think when you

    view yourself you only focus on the negative aspects.

    Not seeing the full picture.

    Except for the people who are conceded :P

    And other people see you and judge you on what

    they find attractive. And I believe personality has

    alot to do with this. :)

    Nice question by the way.

    I think everyone has looked in the mirror and asked this.

    Hope i helped... Good luck!

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    Sorry for such a long post, but your question was quite general. I tried to structure it in order of relevance to the question and simplicity, so just read till you get bored or find what you were looking for.

    This is perhaps more a question of philosophy and/or psychology than of science. Although there is certainly some interesting data from neurology when it comes down to it.

    For the obvious scientific answer, I'd have to say not really. However, this is simply due to the inversion of images in the mirror; if you raise your right hand, it appears as though the person in the mirror is raising their left hand.

    I don't think that is what you're asking though. From a philosophical perspective, I don't believe it is possible to determine how another individual perceives even things as simple as colour. If there were some process by which a person's memories and, as such, their associations of colour could be implanted into another person's body, then it is easy to imagine that they could discover that what they always associated as being green (e.g grass), is, with their new brain and optical processing system, what they would have previously called red.

    Just like with colour though, they will have come to associate a certain make-up of features with 'you'. Therefore, if they observe a very similar make-up, such as in a photograph, or well-done drawing, it will trigger their facial-recognition of you.

    When you say 'even in different mirrors and lightings, I look different', do you really find that surprising? If I look at myself in the mirror when there's a single source of relatively dim light shining from an angle, then the shadows of my muscles are enhanced, making me look well-toned, instead of like the scrawny weakling that I really am.

    Rock Star Mommy also makes the good point that people are generally a lot more critical of their own appearance than other people are of it. In extreme cases this manifests in conditions such as body dysmorphic disorder (check sources).

    Now, to continue with psychology (and a bit of neurology), we find where the question gets really interesting. Although there is debate on the topic, lots of people believe that some of the processes we use for face recognition are used exclusively for that purpose and not, for example, in recognising the difference between two similar objects. Thing is, when it comes down to it, although it may not seem it, most faces are pretty similar.

    There are some things that I think are testament to the fact that human recognition is pretty special. One of these is the 'uncanny valley' effect. You know how some doll look spooky? Well, it's been suggested that this occurs most strongly when the deviations from what real humans look like, or how they move are slight. As such, alarm bells ring to tell you that something is not quite right.

    There is also a very interesting condition called Prosopagnosia which pretty much prevents people from being able to recognise faces properly. It sometimes occurs after brain damage or stroke. It can even affect the ability to recognise your own face. However, there is usually no problem with recognising objects.

    There are also various psychological disorders that fall under the umbrella of delusional misidentification syndrome. These are very interesting, and if you take a look at any of my sources, you should look at that one, even if it is somewhat tangential. There is even a syndrome where people think that who they see in the mirror is a different person!

    It is also interesting to consider why it is so much more difficult to tell the difference between sibling dogs sometimes (even if they aren't from the same litter) than it is with people.

    Oh, and as a final note concerning a previous answer, the fact that your voice sounds different in recordings is completely unsurprising. This is because of the fact lots of the vibrations affecting your eardrums are travelling through your tissues, as opposed to through the air as they do in recordings. Also, few recordings are of good quality.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    When I look myself in the mirror, do people see the same thing when they look at me?

    How about pictures?

    I think I look so different in pictures. I ask people if I really do look like that and they say yes.

    Even in different mirrors and different lightings, I look different.

    What do I really look like?

    Source(s): mirror people me: https://shortly.im/oOQEi
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    It seems to me you have always walked a fine line between darkness and light, which isn't a terrible thing. Dark and light are, after all, opposites and keep each other in perfect balance, which is what the universe is, a balance. I wouldn't be too afraid of your "devil" feelings, as he does, just simply, represent the darker side to life. That part of us that embraces selfish feelings, feelings of not turning the other cheek, feelings of vengeance and feelings for need of material and worldly things. If you live with compassion, love and a need for learning and teaching others, you can live quite well with both sides. You'll desire things, yet not hurt others to get it. Do not allow others to judge you, for only you can judge you. You make decisions, those decisions will lead you to other paths and roads, you'll need to make more choices, make mistakes, learn along the way, and continue moving. You will always be attracted to the dark as well as the light. Accept this in yourself and make choices carefully. Remember, that same balance that the universe must have will always right itself. As for religion, Wicca is a fairly new religion (compared to Paganism) and it seems many of the newer generational people are studying it and practicing it. But Wicca and a Witch are not interchangeable and I think many people get caught up in that. When I say I am a witch, and I do practice grey magick, I get the whole, Wiccas do no harm thing and I am not a Wiccan. So, explore the occult and magick as you want, see what works best for you, but don't name it unless you totally understand everything about it. I wish you well.

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    You do actually see yourself in mirrors differently. What happens is that you see yourself backwards - your left side is your right side, and vice versa in the mirror.

    If you would like to see how you really look to people while still using mirrors, you need to use several mirrors to reflect yourself several times. You reflect yourself in a side mirror into the mirror in front of you and you will be able to see yourself the right way.

    Its an interesting excercise. But be aware also, you will still look like yourself, there will just be some small differences.

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    No they don't unfortunately, however you do do look quite close to the image you see in the mirror to what you are in real life.

    The fact you may look different in pictures may be because you are not photogenic. Being Photogenic means that you look good in still pictures. It just may be that you look better in motion rather than a 2D still image. Other things can effect what you look like in mirrors such as the angles/lenses/ and lighting etc.

    Different lighting's can effect what you look like in mirrors as light reflects off of them and can highlight certain parts on your face. This doesn't happen outside of the mirror. in one mirrors you make look like your face is much more structured whereas in a different light your face may not look so structured etc. It really depends on the lighting when looking in the mirror. Try to look at yourself in the mirror in natural light, e.g. just outside your front door.

    What I do to find what i really look like is make a non-reversable mirros where it doesn't reflect horizontally. check the sources to look at the website- It provides tips on how to make one. It's a really cheap way to see what other people see when looking at you and provides you with a true image.


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    This is a good question =]

    sometimes I look in the mirror, and I feel as if I look totally different than I did before. I don't think that anyone else can notice it, but I definitely do.

    It's really weird.

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    Omg I feel like this ALLLL the time!! I thought I was just really ugly because I believed in the pictures!lol. I thought the same with the way I sounded in recordings too!! I think The mirror shows the real you though.. GREAT QUESTION!! I literally think this constantly!!

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    I dont think so, because I usually look good in the mirror but bad in pictures.

    Mirrors kinda flip your image horizontally, so I know it wont look exactly the same as real life

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    Pictures are 2D and not a really accurate portrayal of what people see. Mirrors are more accurate, but still nothing beats face to face.

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