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What should I wear to a football game?

I'm not going to wear anything normal like jeans and a hoodie...everyone thinks your wierd if you don't go all out, so I need ideas on something more team spirited? hahah


So I'm a freshman this year, but I know that everyone goes all out for football games painting their faces Blue and white and dressing all crazy. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should wear that would still be really cute?

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    well if you have anything with your schools team on it i would wear that, but since you are a freshman you probably don't have much stuff like that so here's a few other ideas:

    at my school we go all out too. a lot of us make shirts for the football games. we buy the plain white hanes tshirts and tie dye them in the school colors or write on them with fabric paint.

    we also do the face painting, but don't go too overboard with this. just do the warpaint lines. our colors are navy and like silver so we do one side navy and the other silver. do something like that.

    also you can buy big packages of those necklaces that look like mardi gras beads in your school colors from places like partycity. some schools actually sell them for the football games, but mine doesn't so we just buy them and give them out to friends.

    another thing we do is bandannas. you can buy cheap bandannas in you school colors and write your team name or the year or something like that on them in fabric paint. last year my friends all wrote "sophomores(:" on ours. but i don't think advertising that you are a freshman is the best idea. lol.

    ribbons, hair clip and headbands in your school colors are cute.

    and you can make signs for your team if you want. if you know any of the players just figure out their jersey number and make them a sign. the guys love that.

    but if i were you i would still wear jeans and bring a hoodie because it'll get cold. you can go all out and still look cute.

    okay, i hope that helped(:

    have fun at the game.

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    Wear your favorite tee shirt that you have that is closest to your school colors. If your hair is in a ponytail, you could also throw in a cute hair ribbon in your school's color(s).

    Throw on some cute cuffed shorts (or regular denim shorts), some flip flops or cute wedge sandals, and you're ready to go! You might want to bring a light sweater for when it gets later.

    Don't forget to bring a small purse or at least make sure your shorts have pockets: you might need your student ID card and some spending money.

    Have fun and good luck!

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    if it's cold you should wear jeans, boots, and a hoodie.

    if you can wear a hoodie, wear it.

    but if its hot then just go with tshirt, sweats and sneakers that are flattish.

    like converse or dunks.

    i'm a cheerleader so i get a football jersey, but i know schools that sell them.

  • jeans and a hoodie

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