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side effects of bleaching and facial for hands and face?

im 16yrs male i wanna bleach my hands and face but i wanna know if there are side effects of under age

and can i do facial does it effect my skin plz help

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    If you want lighter skin, you should NOT use real bleach.

    a doctor can prescribe skin lightening cream. but you should be happy with the way you look.

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    1 cup besan a bit less than 1/2 cup of milk 8-10 neem leaves (Neem K Patay) 2 teaspoonfl turmeric powder (Haldi) a lemon a tomato{ put it in boiling water and then plunge it in cold water simultaneously many times and peel it) cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice. keep the juice aside. take the rind and half quantity of the milk taken adding the neem leaves and the peeeled tomato. grind the 4 items in a mixer to a paste{need not be very fine} take the besan and add the turmeric, lemon juice and the neem tomato paste. stir in the remaining milk too. if the paste is very thick, some water or milk can be added to get it to the right consistency. the perfect paste is made when it has the same consistency like that of skimmed milk or milkmaid. apply this paste on the face and neck once in 2 days prefereably before going out for a party or get together. leave the paste for 15 to 20 minutes till it becomes hard. wash off while rubbing it on your skin. you'll get the perfect skin in a few applications note: people having dry skin can add 6-7 drops of olive oil or baby oil or your moisturiser dat u use daily u will also feel some very slight tingling sensation wen the pack is on but dat is just the neem, lemon juice and tomato cleansing ur skin and fighting pimple causing germs. apply ice to ur face after washing off the pack and patt dryin. then apply ur make up. this will prevent ur face from sweating and will keep ur face fresh for a long time and wont spoil the make up too. STORE THE PACK IN AN AIR TIGHT JAR IN THE REFRIGIRATOR or else the pack will harden if the ingridients r used in the above mentioned quantity, den this pack lasts for 5-6 applications... Try this...i know it will help u alot.....

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    It depends upon skin quality. If the product you are using is not suitable for your skin, then you can face some side effects.

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