If you were rich, what car would you buy to show off?

I know this comes off as a little stuck up, but I've been wondering...what other cars are out there that you just can't purchase. I mean, if I had a million, sure I could buy an expensive car, but anyone can do that. I guess we dive into the custom cars, such as those on the "Fast and the Furious". I plan on being rich, no doubt about it, I just want people to know when I go to my High School reunion. I can't seem to find any website that sells cars like the ones in those movies. Must I become a mechanic and learn how to do all of that? Custom pain, body-kits, neon lights, etc? Stock cars are just so much the same, I want to stand out. Can anyone help? :)

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    if you want a car like that...you contact Boyd Coddington, or someone like that, and contract them to build you a car....

    Or do what I did, and gather the pieces, and build your own.....

    As far as rich people showing off....they don't.....I work for a private corporate bank, that has personal accounts...some of these people make more in a day, than the best of us make in a year....

    What do they drive? 3 yearold Accords, Camrys, and Tauruses...

    so they blend in with everyone else.......

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    You dont have a million dollars, so this whole conversation is rather silly.

    Regardless, by the time, lets say your 10y reunion comes around. You'll most likely be 28/29 years old. Maybe with a family and a kid or two. By then you'll have seen that theres nothing cool about a tricked out rice racer. Or if you had one, it was sold for down $$ on the minivan years ago.

    Real people "stand out" by leading interesting lives, with the experiences and stories that come with. Boring people try to impress others with a flashy car. By the time your reunion comes around you'll realize that

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    A Pantera or two, a couple Ferraris, a Saleen S7, a Ford GT40, and maybe an old XKE.

    A neighbor down the street has just finished restoring a Pantera, and that car is BEAUTIFUL, and sounds like, well, sounds like a PANTERA. MEAN!


    P.S. the answer of JJ is typical of people who will NEVER be able to own their dream car, so they come up with this "boring people crap"

    You drive a Ford GT40 around for a while and see how many people think you're boring. There will be giant crowds around you EVERY time you stop.


    Youtube thumbnail


    P.S. just a small clarification here. If I were rich enough to own all of these cars, it wouldn't be to show off. I would take them out to a race track and have some fun. Driving them on the street would be for my OWN pleasure. Not yours.

  • I wouldn't buy a vehicle to show off. But I have always had a crush on the Acura NSX. I would love me one of those sexy machines. And the vehicles you see in Fast & Furious are the types done by people who are mechanics or love working on cars. It cuts out the major expense of labour. And they can usually get good deals on parts, cheaper than the normal person would.

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  • mark l
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    Mrs Mark l has a Maybach 62S and IS a millionaire. She has the cars. I tried to get her to buy a REAL 427 Cobra and save money.

    Mark l has a 92 Galant VR-4 and isn't.

    We took my $1500 car to my 30. And parked it next to my best friends Mercedes Benz AMG CL55.They both sat in the parking lot equally well.

    Anything less ISN'T enough car.

    You can buy a Rolls-Royce on Craigslist. BFD.

  • lj1
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    I wouldn't want to show up to my high school reunion in some tricked out ricer. I would get a classic Porsche or Mercedes, and restore it. That would show maturity, along with great taste in cars.

    If you really want to turn heads, you could get a 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 500 (Eleanor from "Gone in 60 Seconds"). Here is a picture:


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    If I were rich I wouldn't need a car to help me prove it.

    Most rich people are smart enough to buy regular cars because they know that buying expensive cars isn't a sound financial decision. And you don't get rich by making bad financial choices.

    If you see somebody driving around in a really expensive car, follow them to their house and see where they live? That'll tell you if they are truly rich or just putting on a false front to make themselves look and feel important in front of a bunch of strangers they'll never meet.

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    I would get the all new 2010 Buick LaCrosse CXS. It's sporty, stylish, practical, & gets decent gas mileage too. Being rich doesn't mean showing it off. Flaunting what you have vs. what others don't have make you look vain. It's not even remotely necessary.

    Source(s): Yes I'm old.
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    By a Ferrari or Maserati or Lotus, this are all limited makes a year so you won't see many with them and then you can pay to have some shops put mods on/in.

    Source(s): Brother in law just spent 40,000 to mod is 2009 Maserati
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