U zult van u krijgen en ik zal lachen wanneer het gebeurt. Klutzak?

can someone tell me what it means please

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, it's Dutch. But you spelled 'klutzak' wrong, and the first answerer does not speak Dutch. I do.

    'U zult van u krijgen...' ..... is not good Dutch.

    Klutzak is spelled....klootzak...and means "scrotum" to hold your testicles, and is a big insult in Dutch, similar to aasss.hole.

    I think this was first translated on a "translation website" from the English sentence..."You will get yours and I will laugh when it happens". The bad Dutch was given as "yours = van u". and "it happens" het gebeurt, should be "that happens = dat gebeurt". Translations sites are not always accurate.

    PERFECT DUTCH (actually said), would be....U zult uw verdiende loon krijgen en ik zal lachen wanneer dat gebeurt. Klootzak!

    You will get what you deserve when (whenever) that happens. Asss hole

    Source(s): I am American, have lived in Flanders, Belgium for 18 years, and my teenage kids love to correct my Dutch ....when I make mistakes...wanneer ik fouten maken.
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    1 decade ago

    You'll get yours and I will laugh when it happens. Klutzak

    It's Dutch

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