Your Dream baseball teams?

Could you put together your own 3 baseball teams,

every team has to have at least 1 person at each position, and 4 pitchers, 2 relief, and 1 closer.

You don't have to do this but if you do you have a better chance at 10 pts.

1st team: Baseball players that are retired.

2nd team: Active baseball players.

3rd team: Whoever you want.

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  • jm
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    1 decade ago
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    1st team & 3rd team:

    1B: Lou Gehrig

    2B: Pete Rose

    3B: Mike Schmidt

    SS: Ernie Banks

    OF: Babe Ruth

    OF: Ted Williams

    OF: Willie Mays

    C: Yogi Berra

    DH: Mickey Mantle

    SP: Sandy Koufax

    SP: Tom Seaver

    SP: Walter Johnson

    SP: Christy Mathewson

    Closer: Mariano Rivera

    RP: Goose Gossage

    RP: Bruce Sutter


    1B: Pujols

    2B: Utley

    3B: Alex Rodriguez

    SS: Hanley Ramirez

    OF: Braun

    OF: Ichiro Suzuki

    OF: Vlad Guerrero

    C: Mauer

    DH: Miguel Cabrera

    SP: Johan Santana

    SP: Lincecum

    SP: Halladay

    SP: Beckett

    Closer: Mariano Rivera

    RP: Nathan

    RP: Frankie Rodriguez

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OK lemme give this a shot. And if I do bad on the 1st team, I'm sorry. More of a present and future baseball fan, not past 1.

    1st Team

    C-Mike Piazza (Like his power)

    1B-Don Mattingly

    2B-Jackie Robinson

    3B-Mike Schmidt

    SS-Ozzie Smith

    LF-Babe Ruth

    CF-Hank Aaron

    RF-Reggie Jackson


    Sammy Sosa

    Mark Mcguire

    Rafael Palmeiro

    Frank Thomas (I think he's retired)

    Lou Gehrig


    Nolan Ryan

    Cy Young

    Roger Clemens

    Babe Ruth (Pitcher as well)

    Goose Gossage (Closer)

    Dennis Eckersley

    Rollie Fingers

    Hoyt Willhelm

    1st team Complete

    2nd Team Start

    C-Joe Mauer

    1B-Albert Pujols

    2B-Chase Utley


    SS-Derek Jeter

    LF-Ryan Braun

    CF-Torii Hunter

    RF-Vladimir Guerrero

    1B-Prince Fielder

    2B-Robinson Cano

    SS-Hanley Ramirez

    3B-David Wright


    SP-Johan Santana

    SP-Tim Lincecum

    SP-CC Sabathia

    SP-Zack Grienke

    SP-Justin Verlander

    SP-Roy Oswalt

    RP-Daniel Bard

    RP-Billy Wagner

    RP-Phil Hughes

    CP-Mariano Rivera

    2nd Team Complete

    3rd Team Under Sources

    Source(s): 3rd Team C-Jorge Posada 1B-Mark Teixiera 2B-Dan Uggla 3B-Evan Longoria SS-Jose Reyes LF-Jason Bay CF-Vernon Wells RF-Ichiro LF-Johnny Damon 2B-Aaron Hill 3B-Mark Derosa SS-Jimmy Rollins Pitchers SP-Matt Cain SP-AJ Burnett SP-Josh Beckett SP-Jon Lester SP- Cole Hamels SP-Cliff Lee Relief Corps RP-Hideki Okajima RP-Rafael Soriano RP-Joel Zumaya CP-Johnahan Papelbon 3rd Team Complete
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  • 1 decade ago

    2nd Team:

    1st Base: Albert Pujols

    2nd Base: Chase Utley

    or Robinson Cano

    3rd Base

    Alex Rodriguez starter

    Ryan Zimmerman backup


    Derek Jeter


    Ichiro Suzuki

    Jason Bay

    Matt Holiday

    Starting Pitchers

    Tim Lincecum

    Chris Carpenter

    C.C Sabathia

    Cliff Lee


    Joba Chamberlain (deserves to be in the bullpen)

    Joakim Soria


    Mariano Rivera

    1st Team

    1B Lou Gehrig

    2B Jackie Robinson

    SS Honus Wagner

    3B Mike Schmidt

    OF Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams

    Starting Pitchers

    Cy Young

    Satchell Paige

    Nolan Ryan

    Bob Gibson

    Relief Pitchers

    Bruce Sutter

    Goose Gossage


    Lee Smith

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