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How hard is it to learn Web Design? How hard is it to start your own business?

I'm very interested in Web Designing, although I have never done it before. I am a very creative, organized, and business savy person, and am considering a career in web design. I would like to start a home business where I could create Web Sites for small businesses in the area: they come to me with what they want, ideas... I design/create a web site for them and contact the companies needed (IP address, domain name, etc...) to get the web site up and running....

Where/how/what do I need to do to learn enough to create/design small web sites for small local businesses?

Can web design be accomplished using a user friend GUI or does it have to involve lots of programming and code (I did took a Visual Basic class in college and did great, but do NOT want to do web design if I will be coding my whole way thru it, not much into being a full time programmer...)

And how hard is it to get the web sites set up (who do you contact to get a domain name registered? how about getting a static IP address? do you need to have some kind of server host? or is that something my clients could lease from a internet provider company?) I am not really sure of the process I'd need to go thru past doing the designing of the web site...

Any advice or insight is appreciated....! Thank you! :<)

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    WARNING: making a business in Web Design is extremely difficult, and 80% of newcomers fail within 6 months... The market is a cut-throat full of cheap amateurs and the only way to get to the top is being, not only the best, but fully qualified with a lot of experience.

    This being said...

    Web "making" requires THREE skills:

    - Graphic

    - Marketing

    - Coding

    Graphic and marketing work together. You must be an artist and able to appeal to potential clients. The only things you need to know is a good graphic program (Photoshop), and have the "seller" instinct...

    That is being web DESIGNER.

    The coding is the other part. The most fantastic graphics do not work by themselves: they need to be coded. That's the job of the coder, Web DEVELOPMENT.

    Since you are not too good at coding (as you said), stick with graphic design, and try to connect with developers.

    - You get the call from the client, write down what he wants.

    - You design a stunning page with Photoshop.

    - You get the client to approve.

    - You call your coders and ask "how much to code it?"

    - You bring back the total quote to the client.

    - You sign the contract, get a deposit.

    - You pass your mockups to the coder.

    - You wait until he finishes.

    - You get paid.

    - You pay your coder.

    That's how it works. ( theory)

    I manage we separate graphic designers from coders: it is much more practical!

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    Web designing is art work. How hard is it to learn to be an artist? (If you're right-brained, it's easy. If you're left-brained, it's virtually impossible.)

    The rest is website development, not design. That requires a pretty thorough knowledge of computer programming, experience and familiarity with a few different computer programming languages. How hard? It takes about 6 months (full time) to learn programming. (Start with ) BTW, if you're right-brained, learning programming is virtually impossible.

    You can play at it without learning anything, but if you want to earn money at it you'd better learn all of it, or be prepared to hire people who have.

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