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Shouldn't Obama be impeached for holding a Ramadan dinner and a Passover Seder, in the White House?

This is a Christian nation! Doesn't Obama realize that? Every meal in the White House should be preceded by a Christian prayer that has been approved by a certifying board of conservative Christian pastors! That's the American way--keeping tight control over the religious beliefs of our leaders!

Yet Obama is having Ramadan in the White House, the PEOPLE's HOUSE! And a few months ago, he also had a Passover Seder in the White House--even though it's the PEOPLE's HOUSE!

Obama has forgotten the conservative Christian values that are the one and only foundation for this country. And he has proven that he is a Jewish Muslim liberal Christian!

Impeach him NOW!

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    You're joking right?

    So the US is about mob rule religious dictatorship?

    It just makes me like him all the more - he is a uniter - you guys are the dividers just like in the Civil War.

    Source(s): Maybe you're the one who needs to read AND UNDERSTAND the Constitution.
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    1. Because the Senate tries an impeachment, and they won't vote to actually impeach, so it would be irrelevant anyway. 2. What exactly do you think he is personally guilty? I have seen no evidence directly tying him to the IRS scandal, which is the ONLY one that could possibly be a legit impeachment issue. And I highly doubt you are privy to some secret info that nobody else seems to know about.

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    Troll question is trolling. And funny.

    "Jewish Muslim Liberal Christian"

    That's funny how someone can be Jewish AND Muslim AND Christian. And somehow Liberal fits in as a religious belief.

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    I can think of alot of other things he could be impeached for, too!

    Culture of Coruption by Michelle Maulkin, tells FACTS that the White HOuse does not want us to know.

    I believe he will be impeached sometime in 2011 or 2012--------- the problem that I foresee is the politicians will be afraid to impeach because many will cry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RAAAAAAAAAACism!

    That's what Obama and his 1st crony, Michelle are best at. 1) Cry race and if that's no possible, 2) they say they inherited the problem.

    BS, I say!

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    He should be less concerned about doing TV ads, guest appearances on commercials and TV talk shows, going to ball games.....and spend a little more time fixing the economy....and quit trying to jack it up by making others suffer for the lazy underachievers that continue to breed kids they can't even afford.

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    You goddamn,i know better freaks,really piss me off..WHAT would you

    be bleating about,if Obama had lost the election..Your only bleating

    because he's black & you not happy with that..Most of the nation is..

    SO GET OVER IT..Let him do what has to be done..My suggestion

    to you is,to learn the serenity prayer & start putting it in practice..Am

    sure your life will improve out of sight if you do this..Small steps my friend,but big rewards..

    My best wishes to you..Stay well & happy..

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    You must have loved it when only white Protestants could apply to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Those days are over forever.

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    No..."Christian Nation" it isn't -- and just as the principles of the Constitution allow for mobility in ideology (the will of the people), it allows for the liberty of ALL individuals to exercise their of which is choosing one's own religion and celebrating in any manner he/she sees fit.

    Don't be dense. On one hand you scream at Obama for your rights and your liberties and then want to punish someone who doesn't hold the same beliefs as you? That's a little conflicted no? Aren't you acting like the very people you wish to remove from office?

    Something to mull over.

    Source(s): Agnostic on good days -- atheist on most.
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    You should be deported. Claiming this is a christian nation is as ridiculous as trying to claim it is a white-nation.

    Conservatives constantly surprise me with how out of touch they truly are.

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    separtion of church and state, it is the constitution

    he should be impeached for having any religious events

    one religious event is no different from the rest

    you need to research the founding fathers

    Jefferson and Franklin were anti-religious

    that is why they but separation of church and state

    in the constitution the document or country was built on

    You have a right to your opinion, had your vote and lost

    get over it

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