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How can Charlie Rangel be Chariman of the Ways and Means Comm. when he misses all of this?

What does this say about democrats when they allow this guy to be chair of the ways and means committee?

I especially like the last part of missing $500,000 in a checking account.

How can a party be so upset about being rushed into a war in Iraq allow that same party from the same government to allow them to rush into a health care reform package that has government backed options? By 2030 health care is predicted to be 33% of our whole economy. The government was off by how much medicare and social security were going to cost over time by a factor of 8X+. The health care reform costs will be the same.

How can Rangel be allowed to be a Rep and let alone chair of the ways and mean committee?

In July 2008, Rangel asked the House Ethics Committee to determine if his use of a Congressional letterhead while seeking to arrange meetings in which recipients of the letters would be solicited for contributions for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at the City College of New York had violated any House rules.[55]

The New York Times reported on July 10, 2008 that Rangel rents four apartments in the Lenox Terrace complex in Harlem at below-market rates. The newspaper reported that Rangel paid $3,894 monthly for all four apartments in 2007, but that the going rate for similar apartments offered by the landlord in that building would be as high as $8,125 monthly. Three adjacent apartments on the 16th floor were combined to make up his 2,500-square-foot (230 m2) home; a fourth unit on the 10th floor is used as a campaign office, even though that violates city and state regulations that require rent-stabilized apartments to be used as a primary residence. The apartments are in a building owned by the Olnick Organization. Rangel received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from one of the company’s owners, according to The Times. Rangel told the newspaper his rent does not affect his representation of his constituents.

A Congressional ethics experts cited by The Times indicated that the difference in rent between what Rangel was paying and market rates on the second, third and fourth apartments he rented, an estimated $30,000 per year, could be construed as a gift as the savings is granted at the discretion of the landlord and is not offered to the public at large; if this should be treated as a gift, it would exceed the $100 limit established by the House of Representatives.[56] In late July, the House voted 254 to 138 to table a resolution submitted by Minority Leader John Boehner that would have censured Rangel for having "dishonored himself and brought discredit to the House" by occupying the four apartments.[57]

Rangel was also accused of failing to report income from the rental of a villa he owns in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, a three-bedroom, three-bath unit that has been rented out for as much as $1,100 per night in the busiest tourist season, from mid-December to mid-April.[58] Labor lawyer Theodore Kheel, one of the principal investors in the resort development company and a frequent campaign contributor to Rangel, had encouraged the congressman to purchase the beachside villa. Rangel had purchased the unit in 1988 for $82,750 and financed $53,737.50 of the purchase price for seven years at a rate of 10.5%, but was one of several early investors who had interest payments waived in 1990.[59] In September 2008, Lanny Davis, Rangel's attorney, disclosed that Rangel had failed to report $75,000 in income he had received for renting the condo on his tax returns or in congressional disclosure forms. His accountants were calculating the amounts owed and would be filing amended city, state and federal tax returns to cover the liability for back taxes.[60].

A September 14, 2008 editorial in The New York Times called for Rangel to temporarily step down from his chairmanship, stating that "Mounting embarrassment for taxpayers and Congress makes it imperative that Representative Charles Rangel step aside as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee while his ethical problems are investigated."[61]

Additional accounting discrepancies were disclosed on September 15, 2008, including omission in Rangel's financial reports of details regarding the sale of a home he once owned on Colorado Avenue in Washington, DC, discrepancies in the value listed for a property he owns in Sunny Isles, Florida (varying from $50,000 to $100,000 all the way up to $500,000), and inconsistencies in investment fund reporting. While Republican leaders have called for his removal from his role as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which plays a pivotal role in shaping tax law, Rangel has stated that there is no justification for his removal. "I owed my colleagues and the public adherence to a higher standard of care not only as a member of Congress but even more as the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee," he said. He also stated that the mistakes were errors of omission th

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    another lib crook who thinks he is above the law.

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    The Democrats look at the situation as if it is OK as long as they do it. The corruption and deceit in our government is amazing.

    If Rangel continues to be elected, does this reflect on the things going on in his district........... do the citizens there see this as an everyday thing and think it is OK. Is the district he comes from that corrupt also.

    The double standards the Democrats are using are just amazing.....if this had been a Republican, he would be constantly harassed by the Democrats until either he resigned or was censured.

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    The Democrat party is full of corruption Rangel is just one of them. What amazes me is that Pelosi promised a full investigation and a report would be finalized in January 2009. Hmm, hasn't happened. Kind of like OJ saying he will find the killer.

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    that is not something new the two events look after their very own. In 2004, homestead Majority chief Tom postpone became investigated persistently by the homestead Ethics Committee and rebuked or admonished thrice for unethical habit. back in postpone’s homestead state of Texas, officers have been investigating rates that postpone had broken state regulation by illegally diverting company contributions to state political campaigns. An indictment appeared inevitable, and under GOP caucus rules, that could have compelled postpone to resign. So in November 2004, the homestead Republican Caucus voted to abolish that rule, clearing the way for postpone to stay as majority chief even after indictment. some months later, in yet another attempt to guard postpone, homestead Republicans even tried to rewrite homestead rules to make it fairly much impossible to document ethics rates against individuals, backing away basically after mammoth public outrage. (That outrage additionally compelled them to reinstate the rule of thumb requiring leaders to resign if indicted.)

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    Charley Rangel is tantamont to a spoiled three year old having control over your family's finances.

    You supply all the money power and responsibility but have to do with them what HE directs you to do.

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    The voters in his district are less than informed on the issues and he has been in the club awhile

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