Dose anyone remember any 1980's detective police tv shows .?

(i.e) Dempsey and makepeace,

The gentle touch with jill gascoine.

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    All the old "Life on Mars" style shows had gone out of fashion by 1979. "The Sweeney" ended in 1978 and there was a BBC show called "Target", with Patrick Mower, which ran from 1977-78 and Private Detective shows like "Hazell", in 1978-79 - but none of these carried over into the 80s.

    Some British 1980s shows were,

    Juliet Bravo - 1980-1985;

    The Bill - started 1984, unbelievably;

    Shoestring - 1979-1980;

    The Chinese Detective - 1981-1982;

    Bergerac - 1981-1991

    Taggart - 1983 onwards;

    Inspector Morse - 1987-2000;

    Ruth Rendell Mysteries (Wexford) - 1987-2000;

    Cribb - 1980-1981

    Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) - 1984-1995;

    Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) - 1984-1992;

    Lord Peter Wimsey - 1987;

    Campion - 1989;

    Poirot - 1989 onwards.

    Arguably the best US show would be

    Hill Street Blues - 1981-1987.

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    The Bill, Miami Vice,Nash Bridges, Maguim PI,Cagney @ Lacy,Taggart

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    A Team

    Magnum PI

    Cagney & Lacey

    Murder She Wrote

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    The Saint


    the bloke in the wheelchair

    columbo 70's maybe

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    Simon & Simon

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    cagney and lacey

    the equalizer

    miami vice

  • juliet bravo

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