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Long question about Bryce Noah Gabe?

Do you like the name Bryce or any of the other names?

1. Two guys ask you out on the same day but you only have time to go out with one not both! Which one do you choose? (It’s between Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford. If you don’t like either one you have problems! You pick the first guy (Ed) go to #2, if you pick Chace go to #3.



2. So you pick Seth (he looks like a Seth to me), you two really hit it off on a date at the beach. So much that you wind up pregnant with a boy. The first name must mean water or ocean since that’s where you concieved, middle name can be anything. (Go to 4)

3. So you pick Connor (he looks like a connor to me), you two date for a for a year then he finally proposes. You have a lovely wedding and a honeymoon where? Connor wants to start a family badly but you seem unable to concieve. You fill out paper to adopt, do you want a boy or girl first? (Go to 5)

4. Seth is happy with being a parent and so are you. He proposes a year later when your son is a year and a half. You have the most beautiful flowers at your wedding what type are they? You are about to go on your honeymoon when you realize you’re pregnant again! The honeymoon has to be postponed. You give birth to a girl, first name should start with an A, middle name has to be the type of flower at your wedding. (Go to 6)

5.You are finally able to take your adopted child home and name them. If you chose a boy, middle name must be Connor, if it’s a girl middle name must be your mothers , first names anything. What do you choose? (Go to 7)

6.Your son is 5 and your daughter is 4. You feel you have the perfect family but you want just one more. You get times 3 when you find you are expecting triplets! It is two boys and a girl. You want the two boys first names to have the same initials, and the girls first name to sound exotic. Middle names anything you want. (Go to 8)

7.Your child is now 3 and you love being a mom. You are thinking about adoption once again when you realize you are pregnant! You can’t believe it and its with twins! A boy and girl. First names can’t match, middle names should be after celebs. (Go to 9)

8. Your family is definitely complete now. You all move into a bigger house to settle down. What city is it and describe the house or paste a picture. If you want to describe their jobs and grandkids. Thanks for playing!

9. Although you got everything you wished for,you still really like the idea of adopting. You adopt two brothers from a foster home. One is 4 one is 6. Their middle names are Brandon and Brody. Give them any first names you want!! You all move into a bigger house to settle down. What city is it and describe the house or paste a picture. If you want to describe their jobs and grandkids. Thanks for playing!


LOL Sawbucks I always steal your Serial Dater thing for my answers

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    I like Gabe and Noah but not Bryce.

    1. Ed :)

    2. Ryan Elias (Ee-ly-us)

    Ryan means water in Gaelic

    4. The flowers are violets :)

    Our daughter is Adelaide Violet

    6. Oliver Benjamin, Owen James and Leilani Rose.

    8. We move to Brisbane, Australia. The house is set on a few acres. There's a massive pool, tennis courts and a four-car garage. There are seven bedrooms (so all the kids get their privacy) and four bathrooms. It has a verandah that wraps all the way around the deck. There are massive gardens with roses and honeysuckle and jasmine.

    Ryan: Is a world-famous neurosurgeon. He works out of Sydney, Australia. He is married to Amelia Kate Walker "Leah". He and Leah live in a suburb of Sydney in a house with their three children. Their first daughter is named Madelyn Kate. She is six years old, a very girly girl and loves her ballet classes. Their next child is a son, named Elijah Robert. He is four years old, and a classic boy. He loves playing in the sandpit and making construction sites. Their third child is their newborn daughter: Charlotte Paige. Charlotte is very placid and loves to be held.

    "Ryan, Leah, Maddy, Eli and Charli"

    Adelaide "Addy": Addy is a stay at home mum, married to Thomas. Tom is an aerospace engineer and works for QANTAS (an Australian airline). They live on the Gold Coast, with a house that overlooks the beach. Tom comes from a family with old money, so they're never without. Together they have five children using fertility treatments. They have nine-year-old identical twin boys: Spencer Edward George and Fletcher Gabriel Charles. They also have three-year-old triplet girls - Portia Adeline Rose, Laurencia April Lee and Elanora Violet Mae.

    "Addy, Tom, Spen, Fletch, Portia, Lulu and Ella"

    Oliver "Ollie": Is a personal trainer, working out of a chain of gyms. He has been married twice, and divorced once. His current wife is named Emily Grace Dwyer. Together they have two children: Alexander Benjamin and Christopher Daniel. Oliver also has two daughters from his first marriage: Leah Tatiana and Lucia Titania.

    "Ollie, Em, Alex, Chris, Leah and Lucy"

    Owen: Has never been married but has entertained a string of girlfriends. He has two children - a nine-year-old son whom he never sees named Evan William Scott, and an eighteen month old daughter of whom he has shared custody. His daughter is named Lilliella Willow-Rose (pr. Lilly-Ella).

    "Owen, Evan and Lilly"

    Leilani "Lani": Is a preschool teacher who is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Jack Maximillian Annerley. Jack works as an IT Analyst at a university. Together they have three young girls - Izabella Lila (4), Katelyn Lani (3) and Sofia Alyce (10 months).

    "Lani, Jack, Bella, Katie and Sof"

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    ~ Bryce Noah Gabe is actually really cute. I ♥ the name Bryce.

    1. Chace Crawford... hotttt!!

    3. Maui, Hawaii; Girl

    5. Briella Rosalie

    7. Nolan Ashton (Ashton Kutcher) & Lia Kate (Kate Hudson)

    9. Jace Brandon & Liam Brody; we move into a California Beach House (http://www.beach-broker.com/Images/TreeSecHouse_sm...

    Briella(Ella): Is a zookepper and has 3 children: Kristen Anna, Karlia Brianna, and Kaleb Carl. Married to Jason Carl.

    Nolan: Is an engineer and has 2 children: Bryce Jackson & Luke Daniel. Married to Daniella Annalise.

    Lia: Is a surgeon and has 4 children: Haley Rose, Annabell Grace, Jacqueline Lisa, & Austin William. Married to William Scott.

    Jace: Is a college professer and has 2 children: Kyleigh Joyce & Kevin Johnathon. Married to Kayla Selina.

    Liam: Is a actor and has 1 child and 1 on the way: Logan Matthew and Lana Mariah (if a girl) or Landon Mason (if a boy). Marrid to Mary-Ellen Isabelle.

    ~♥ Zebra Lover ♥

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    I'm not a fan of Bryce. My old high school caretaker's name was Mr. Brice.

    1. Chace Crawford!

    3. Greece. Boy.

    5. Avery Connor.

    7. Evangeline Grace & Cedric Daniel [Grace Kelly & Daniel Radcliffe]

    9. Theodore Brandon & Micah Brody. Beverly Hills, Cali. A large, modern house. 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. A large sitting room and kitchen with a study.

    Avery moved to New York and became a journalist with the New York Times. He married Melissa and they have two boys; Everett and Zane.

    Evie stuck close to home and is training to be a doctor. Has a boyfriend named Marcus but no children yet.

    Ricky is a theatre actor. He's married to Grace and has a daughter named Isla.

    Theo is a serial dater. No girlfriend or kids yet.

    Micah has a wife named Noelle and they are expecting their first child, a son, who they intend to name Lucas.

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  • I love Bryce and Noah. Gabe is a nickname.


    - Seth


    - Kyle Matthew

    - Kyle means strait of water


    - Arabella Rose


    - Nathaniel James

    - Nicholas Jacob

    - Leilani Joy


    - We move to England

    - http://www.olsentraditionalhomes.com/images/englis...

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    Top 3 Girls: Seraphina Nikole, Aurora Sailor, Scarlett Hope Botton 3 Girls: Cailen Bree, Ryleigh Ashton, Laney Haden-Paige Top 3 Boys: Keegan Cole, Parker Joseph, Boston Reilly Bottom 3 Boys: Rylan Eliot, Braxton Jonathan, Xavier Corbin

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    I like the name Noah but I'm not that fond of Bryce or Gabe

    1. Chace Crawford :)

    3. We get married in New York City, and we honeymoon in Greece. We decide to adopt a boy first.

    5. Zachary Connor (Zach)

    7. Noah Ryan and Caroline (Cara) Scarlett (After Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson)

    9. Trenton (Trent) Brody and Spencer Brandon

    Our house is in Carmel, California. It has 3 floors, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and an elevator as well as stairs. The living room and kitchen are on the first floor they are very spacious with high ceilings and lots of windows. We have a deck with a jacuzzi in the backyard. The roof of the house is flat and we have a roof-top garden where we like to relax and eat supper and enjoy the view.

    Zach goes to school for Criminal Justice and becomes a Detective. He moves to San Fransisco and joins their Criminal Investigation Department. He has a wife named Haley, and so far they have one daughter named Alyssa.

    Cara becomes an artist her husband's name is Shane and she has twin boys named Seth and Leo.

    Noah plays guitar and sings, he forms a rock band that tours for awhile and because pretty famous before he settles down and teaches private music lessons. His wife's name is Keira and so far they have one son named Luca and a daughter named Adrienne.

    Trenton ends up becoming a professional surfer, he moves to hawaii permanently and marries a woman named Maleah. They don't have any children yet.

    Spencer becomes a personal trainer/ nutritionist in Los Angeles. He isn't married yet but has a fiancee named Karissa.

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  • Anonymous
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    I only like Bryce as a middle name. Noah and Gabe are both cool.

    1. Ed Westwick

    2. Toru Nathaniel

    4. Akira Lily ("Kira")

    6. Solomon "Solo" Riley, Seth Archer and Sakura May.

    8. We move to Sitka, Alaska, in a house like this: http://www.cvalaska.net/~riverv/images/house1.jpg

    Toru is a singer in a well-known band.

    He has 4 kids (3 boys, 1 girl) named Kaia, Jett, Mayo and Tai.

    Kira became an actress on her way to the big time!

    She has 2 kids (1 of each) named Elouise and Everett.

    Solo is in advertising, and has a keen eye for art.

    He only has one son (so far) named Miki.

    Seth is a rugby player (NRL)

    He has one daughter named Amelie (Millie)

    Sakura is a dermatologist.

    She has 3 kids (all girls) named Abigail, Harper and Yvette.


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  • ~We wed. in California along the beach and go on a cruise for a honeymoon. We opt for a little boy.

    ~Our little boy is Sean Connor

    ~Elliot Christopher and Olivia Mariska

    ~Liam Brody and James Brandon are the boys. We live in a 6 bedroom home in the country, just outside of a big city.

    They grow up to be....

    Sean Connor: Firefighter with a wife Lucy and two kids--Adam and Melody.

    Elliot Christopher: Works at a law firm and is married to Marsha with one son, Jude.

    Olivia Mariska: SAHM married to Eric with five children-- Shaelynn and Caitlynn (twins), Mark, David and Israel (girl).

    Liam Brody: High school football coach with a wife Lynnette and daughter Lyra.

    James Brandon: Busy DA with an ex-wife Coraline and three kids-- Isaac, Rachel and Brian.

    Source(s): Oh, and Bryce is alright. Noah is lovely. And I really like Gabe.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Ed;)

    2. Ryan Lewis

    4. Purple daisy's! Addison Daisy

    6. Charlie Aiden, Cameron Alfie and Arianna Hazel

    It's New York! http://www.ourfixerupper.com/images/houseMain.jpg


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  • Chase Crawford


    Boy: Vincent Connor

    Lucas Michael (Michael Cera)

    Adele Cate (Cate Blanchet)

    Noah Brandon

    Alexander Brody

    A 7 bedroom beach house on the south coast NSW Australia

    Vincent always has his own room, the twins get their own rooms when they are 7 and the boys have their own rooms, one room for us and a spare room for visitors.

    there isnt not a big back yard but the house is only a short walk to the beach so it doesnt matter.

    Thank you :D


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