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研究出並聯電路、保險絲、絕緣物質、銅線網路等電器系統的各種附加設備;又製造了電壓穩定的發電機和經濟配電的三線掣。1882 年他在紐約建立了一個電力網。



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    His research created various supplementary accessories such as Parallel Circuits, Fuses, Insulation Materials, Copper Circuitries etc. for electrical systems, as well as Voltage-Stabilising Generators and economical Tri-Circuit Switches. In 1882 he built an electric power-grid in New York.


    並聯電路 = parallel circuit(s)

    保險絲 = fuse(s)

    絕緣物質 = Insulation material(s)

    銅線網路 = copper circuitries

    電器系統 = electrical systems

    附加設備 = supplementary accessories

    電壓穩定的發電機 = Voltage-Stabilising Generators

    經濟配電的三線掣 = economical Tri-Circuit Switches

    電力網 = electric power-grid



    Source(s): Veni - Vidi - Vici
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    Developed in parallel circuits, fuses, insulation materials, copper wire network such as electrical systems of various add-on devices; also created a generator voltage stability and economic distribution of the three-wire valves. In New York in 1882, he set up a power grid.

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    Study out parallel circuits, fuses, insulating material, copper wire network, and so on a variety of electrical systems; and attached equipment has created the generator voltage stability and economic distribution in the third line.1882 he set up a New York. power network

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    Having researchedand developed in parallel circuits, fuses, insulation materials, copper wirenetwork of various electrical system equipments, it also manufactured/createdthe voltage stability of generator and the economic distribution of athree-wire valves. He has set up /builta power grid in New York in 1882.

    Or: A powergrid was built/ set up in New York in 1882.

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    should be : built a not builta

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